Arizona like the rest of the nation is deep poo economically speaking and instead of actually doing anything to make the situation better, our state legislature is busy passing bills that have nothing to do with economic recovery or helping suffering citizens.  No, they’ve been busy with bills like a custom license plate for the Tea Party (SB1402) and the formation of a state militia (SB1495).  The militia is an ominous development for two primary reasons.  First, the new law is poorly written because it establishes no requirements membership so that any ol’ idiot, yahoo, or degenerate can join the group.  Second and most worrisome, there are no restrictions placed on how the militia can be used.  The “who can use it” is specified as the Governor, but no “how” is specified. This is like giving the village idiot a .50 caliber machine gun without any instructions or guidance.

Here’s some other really dumb ideas that have recently been turned into law.  The state legislature removed the ability of DPS to regulate and ensure the quality of firearms’ instructors in the state (HB2146).  This comes after they’ve already reduced the restrictions on who can carry a concealed weapon in public places.  Essentially they are returning the state to the good ol’ times in The Wild West where most men had a gun on their hip with nary a clue about the responsibility of when and where to use it (hence all the stories about shoot outs, murders, robberies, etc from our infamous cowboy days).  I, for one, have no desire to go back to that time and why the state legislature wants to is beyond me.

This next law was hurried through the legislative session this year in order to beat the state of Utah on the draw.  What was it you might ask?  Did they rush through a bill on expanding the coverage of medicaid to the state’s poor?  Or extending unemployment benefits for the thousands who have run out of them?  Or cancelling wasteful spending programs like the state’s bicentennial museum that won’t be ready in time and is completely unnecessary? No, nothing like that you silly git. They rushed through the naming of an official firearm–the Colt Single-Action Army revolver (SB1610).  Ironically enough, it is made in Connecticut so no hope of garnering new jobs for this incredible suck up to the pro-gun lobby.

And finally, just to add a little bile to the heady mix of authoritarianism and absurdity, they passed a bill that would prohibit Gay and Lesbian couples from adopting children in the state of Arizona.  Did the legislature ask the many unloved and uncared for children stuck on the street, in foster care or in orphanages whether they would rather go to a loving family or stay on the streets?  I would bet they wouldn’t give a tinker’s damn as to what the parents sexual orientation was so long as they could have a roof over their head, 3 hot squares, to be safe and to go to school.  And oh yeah, be loved as a member of a family unit.

If past is prologue, this state is so screwed.



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