No soup for me!

Posted: July 18, 2011 in Personal

I think I must have pissed of the Soup Nazi in the sky this weekend.  I had grand plans for going up to Flagstaff to enjoy the weather (it is usually 20 degrees cooler there than in Phoenix) and engage in more than a little revelry at the Northern Arizona Celtic Heritage Society’s annual Celtic Festival.

Instead, someone needed my financial assistance and so I did not have the funds to to go on my trip.  I made good use of the time, nevertheless.  I managed to do some cleaning and rearranging of my son’s nursery.  I cleaned the pool that the pool service failed to do last week, the stupid jerks.  And I tackled the gargantuan task of moving stuff around and straightening up in the garage . So now I have plenty of room for my car and things are much more organized than before.  Now I can begin unpacking a lot of the decor and hanging that on the walls to make the place look much more homey.

I also did some shopping.  I found some wonderful fabric scraps to begin a new quilt for my bedroom.  I hate the current blue/green color scheme and have chosen some deep reds, dark greens and golden hued patterns that will meld nicely together for what I have in mind.  And of course I couldn’t go shopping without getting a little something for the kids.  Target has those little one dollar bins right when you walk in the store.  I found a couple of 100 piece puzzles for my daughter plus a book (abbreviated version of Black Beauty).  For my son, I bought some little shirts.  Target has been having the best sale on Infant and Toddler items lately.  At $3 an item, I can buy him plenty of stuff.  He is growing so darn fast that I have to constantly buy new, larger items for him.  At 10 months, he is wearing 18 to 24 mos size clothing.  My little man is almost as big as a little man!  🙂


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