GOT Season 1 Review: Ep. 2

Posted: July 18, 2011 in Entertainment, Personal, Television

Season 1, Episode 2 “The Kingsroad”

SPOILER WARNING!!!! SPOILER WARNING!!!! If you haven’t read the first three or four books, there are spoilers below!


The first scene is Khal Drogo’s army going through the high grass plains, the Knight Ser ? taking care of Daenerys, encouraging her to eat and drink. She appears to be still afraid of Khal Drogo.

Tyrion wakes up sleeping in the kennels of Winterfell and then he slaps Joffrey silly for being a childish little jerk. One of my favorite scenes to be honest. And the ominous line where Tyrion tells Jaime, “You know how much I like my family.”

The scene where Queen Cersei comes to visit Catelyn and shares the story of the birth and death of her first son. It wasn’t in the book if I remember correctly but it does give Cersei much more dimension as a 3-D character.

Later Ned visits Catelyn at Bran’s bedside and suggests that she let the boy go, i.e., kill him and show mercy because life as a partially paralyzed cripple is no life at all in their world.

When Catelyn goes up into the tower where Bran “fell” from, she finds a long golden hair and suspects Cersei.

I missed a ton of scenes in the middle because of my kids.

I thought it interesting and great drama to have Bran awaken the moment that his father killed Lady. Not only is it good timing it hints at his later awareness of the wolves thoughts and feelings from afar (known as being a “warg”).


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