Very busy today.  Here’s some bits of news from around the state that I thought were interesting:

  • State Senator Lori Klein (R) is being accused of pointing a laser sited gun at a local reporter as part of a demonstration.  Democratic Senators are calling for an ethics investigation.  The interesting part to me is that the gun has NO SAFETY and she regularly carries it to the Legislature loaded.  Yeeeehaw!!!!  Don’t it make ye proud to be an Arizonan?
  • The Mayor of Mesa was part of a larger group of mayors from around the U.S. who called Pres. Obama to impart how important they thought resolving the debt ceiling crisis was to investment stability.  No duh!  The President couldn’t possibly have appreciated the consequences of not raising the debt ceiling before that phone call.  No sir, no way…..oh wait, there ARE a ton of articles and press conferences showing the President saying how critical it is and how he is willing to compromise, etc, etc.  Seems to me that these Mayors should be calling national GOP leadership and not Pres. Obama.
  • The Wallow fire in eastern Arizona burned a ton of acreage and threatened not only people, livestock and forests but also several endangered species.  The U.S. Fish and Wildlife folks were able to rescue some of the endangered fish before burnt matter was flushed into their watery habitats.  They also were able to retrieve some extremely rare snails (Springsnails, I believe but am not sure) that live ONLY in Arizona in that particular area.  The fish and snails will be released back into the wild in a few years once the land has sufficiently recovered.  I think its interesting that a snail exists only in that one spot on the entire planet and I’m grateful that someone cared enough to save it for later re-population.
  • According to The Phoenix New Times Maricopa County Elections have finished counting the petition signatures in the Russell Pearce recall attempt and found that:  “10,365 valid sigs from qualified electors residing in Pearce’s Legislative District 18. That’s 2,609 more than the 7,756 needed to force a recall”*  This news item alone requires a Ren & Stimpy Happy Happy Joy Joy Song, don’t you think?
  • Sheriff Joe had planned, inexplicably, to parade jail inmates before the start of the MLB All Star Game today.  Of course, there was a huge outcry because there was no real reason for it except to draw national attention to the Sheriff , who’s ego is already too large to fit within the state borders.  He finally backed down and decided that it probably wasn’t such a good idea.
  • And speaking of Sheriff Joe (he pulls so many shenanigans, you’d need an entire blog devoted just to him to report it all)…you know about the pink underwear that he makes jail residents wear, right?  Well those typically have the statement “Go Joe” on them.  He has recently changed it to “Vamos Jose”.  He says it is in an effort to show that he is not racist.  Somehow I don’t think that it produces the effect for which he was looking.
  • Last but not least, the MLB All Star game will be taking place in Phoenix at Chase Field downtown today.   At least 15 players will not be participating including 3 Yankee team members.  It is unclear how many of them are actually staying away as a means of protesting the SB1070 law.  Most of them have claimed injury as the reason, although some of them, like Jeter played only last week.



  1. alopecia says:

    The Lori Klein story is my most favorite “crazy person” story of the day. (We have plenty of lunatics in the California legislature, I freely admit, but—to the best of my knowledge—none has been imbecilic enough to point a loaded handgun at a reporter and then try to spin it as the reporter’s fault.)

    As a personal favor to me, please do what you can to keep her on your side of the Colorado River. Thanks.

    • drangedinaz says:

      Alo, OMG your comment made me bust out laughing so that my baby looked at me like I was crazy! I don’t think you have to worry about Sen. Klein leaving AZ any time soon. I mean, what other state allows their lawmakers to bring loaded weapons without a safety into the statehouse? Rest assured you are relatively safe with your own local loons. 🙂 Thanks for the laugh my friend.

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