A thousand points of dimness

Posted: July 8, 2011 in Alternative Energy, Class Warfare, The Economy
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Bad job numbers came out today and something really needs to be done.  What are our Congress Critters, State Reps and State Governors doing though?  They are very, very busy with the people’s business, that is their people’s business1.  Here’s a list:

  • A thousand points of light (without the illumination).  The U.S. Congress is busy repealing light efficiency standards that would force us to get rid of the traditional rounded mercury-laden bulbs to replace them with the compact fluorescent bulbs2.  Of course, there’s so many people unemployed that they may not be able to afford the electricity bills to light either the old fashioned or the new fashioned bulbs.  But by golly, they’ve saved us from being forced to accept to socialist, environmentally friendly bulbs!
  • One Vagina, Two Vagina, Three Vagina, Four, Five Vagina, Six Vagina, Seven Vagina more!  570 bills have been introduced in 48 states that attempt to restrict abortions3.  In one state, Kansas, they didn’t even both to go through the legislature and used the State Department of Health4 and Human Services to prevent abortion services from being provided.
  • Impeach the President because ___________________ (fill in the blank).  GOP members of the U.S. Congress are actually discussing the possibility of impeaching President Obama if he ignores the debt ceiling by relying on his his right to have the Treasury  honor and pay U.S. degbts  as specified in the 14th Amendment5. However, the Treasury Secretary has indicated they will not rely on this authority to avoid the debt ceiling decision that needs to be made by Congress. The GOP will have to wait for another opportunity to “get” the President.
  • Entitlements are the monkeys on our back!  Both federal and state legislatures are laser focused on deficits right now and focusing on limiting current access to entitlement programs and reforming those programs in future so that they won’t even exist to drag us down into oblivion6.  Plus, the bonus effect of these actions is that it will gut the soul of the Democratic party and reduce the role of government.
  • A Solution Looking for a Problem.  Made infamous by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, this technique is sure to win friends and influence people!  Facing budget shortfalls Gov. Walker declared that the budget problem arose from being forced to negotiate with unions, so he just did away with it.  What the MSM failed to notice or report was that the budget shortfall did not even exist until Gov. Walker enacted tax cut policies during his first days in office.7

I’m having so much fun listing all the things that our politicians are doing to AVOID dealing with our Economic Crisis, particularly a lack of jobs and the resulting lack of demand that we need to recover, I think I’ll just stop there for the day.  I could on and on, but for some reason its not fun anymore.

Snarky Footnotes:

1Sucker!  You thought they were actually doing something to help the average American?  Wow, how gullible can you be?

2Efficiency my ass!  Who needs to save $12 billion a year in energy costs?  Not us!

3Silly women!  They thought their body parts belonged to them….again, how gullible can you be?!

4Again with the gullibility!? You actually thought that Health meant taking care of women’s health? And Services, don’t mean they provide those things to people. Instead it means they have the power of life and death over state residents and they allow residents to live, sort of, so that’s the service part.

5Do you think they really need a reason? Last time they used a blow job and lying under oath in a deposition about said blow job in a harassment lawsuit brought against Pres. Clinton by Paula Jones, which was eventually dismissed. High crimes indeed compared to 1) the executive branch’s abrogation of Congressional financial oversight during the Iran-Contra Scandal by funneling funds, or the purposeful misinformation of the American public and other nations perpetrated by the administration of Pres. George W. Bush regarding the presence of WMD in Iraq and Iraqi ties to Al Qaeda, or well….you get the picture.

6Don’t pay attention to the fact that Social Security does NOT contribute to the Deficit.  In fact up until last year it took in more than it put out and it was able to lend money to the rest of the Government.  Social Security is solvent until 2037.   Also, you must ignore the fact that Medicare is one of the most successful programs in the history of the U.S. because it has done a great job of keeping costs down WHEN compared to private health care costs.  Private health care costs have doubled in comparison to Medicare costs.  It’s a plain fact that Medicare is more effective and a better deal for the U.S. than private health care.

7Here’s the really, really funny part! You’re gonna laugh, I promise. The State of Wisconsin’s Fiscal Bureau reported that before Gov. Walker started actually tinkering with things, the state would have ended the year with a surplus. Harrrr harrrrrr haaaarrrrr! Hey wait, you’re not laughing?!

Disclaimer:  The author accepts no liability for the failure of the reader to understand snark in the above post or any of the posts on this blog, their failure to laugh or even smile at said humor, or the sad, sad  sound of crickets chirping in the resulting silence.

  1. The Dork Knight says:

    I’ve always thought that snarky footnotes really are the best kind of footnotes. :0)

  2. drangedinaz says:

    Yes, I enjoy snarky footnotes myself! How are you TDK? I haven’t seen you on Bob’s blogs but then again, I was AWOL over the weekend. The tenor of posts there lately have become a little ugly as of late. Hope you are well.

  3. The Dork Knight says:

    I’m good IG. I hope you have been well. Do anything fun over the weekend? As for Bob’s Goddamn Awesome Blog, its been progressively less awesome over the last year and a half or so. I think I’m kind of done there for a while. Maybe someday, when its not run by a cranky child and a woman who needs her thorazine levels increased, maybe I’ll pop back over. I’m thinking of refugeing of to Thom Hartmann’s site. Regretable, but I’m done with the nightly fist fight. Plenty of that in the day job. 🙂 So color me a Lurker.

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