Clean AZ Elections aren’t dead…..yet

Posted: July 3, 2011 in Arizona Politics, Elections, Supreme Court
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The Arizona Advocacy Network Foundation plans on redrafting the recent matching public funds law recently struck down by SCOTUS.  SCOTUS felt that AZ was violating first amendment rights by providing matching funds to anyone whose opponent raised more funds privately.  Nevermind the fact that the same violation could be said to occur by not providing the public matching funds to the candidate.

Lack of logic notwithstanding, advocates of clean elections such as the Arizona Advocacy Network Foundation are hoping that a redraft of the law that allows for public funds to be given that match a candidates own funding efforts will avoid the SCOTUS issues–mainly that the funds were previously awarded based on your opponents fund-raising success instead of your own success.  This new draft will be presented to the Legislature and if not passed there, then it will be pushed as a ballot measure in 2012.  In addition the group is planning to sue over a 2012 ballot measure that seeks to remove all public funding for Clean Elections.

In all honesty, the party that rules this state doesn’t want Clean Elections, which were made to level the playing field so that the only candidates in the field weren’t the rich or those beholden to them.  They don’t want a level playing field.  I will work hard to do what I can to save Clean Elections in AZ, but I won’t be holding my breath waiting on our success.


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