Poem of the Month: Nameless

Posted: July 2, 2011 in Personal, Poetry

Back in 2002, I was watching a news story about all the dead that had to be buried in Afghanistan.  I was angered and saddened to hear that supposedly good male Muslims will bury their dead wives without inscribing their names on the tombstone.  Instead they will always be remembered as the wife of Mohammed Sahid or daughter of Abdul Nazim.  So, I wrote this poem:

While nameless mother fades into dust
pious father thrives in righteousness.
For the lives that she delivered
his future was ensured
and her legacy destroyed.
Yet before the all consuming dark certainty
neither piety nor power holds any sway,
and to that great line of judgement
both parents will some day away.

<p style=”font-style: italic; font-size: .8em;”>Copyright, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.  You do NOT have permission to copy or use this poem just because you found it on the Internet without expressly asking me FIRST.</p>


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