Passing the buck

Posted: June 26, 2011 in AZ Assholes

The other day it was all over the news how Rep. Eric Cantor of Virginia walked out of budget talks, in essence pushing off the decision for how the deficit will be handled to the House Speaker Rep. Boehner and President Obama.  I didn’t realize until today that our own Sen. Jon Kyl walked out with Rep. Cantor.

It’s easy enough to scoff and laugh at Rep. Cantor because he doesn’t represent my state.  But Sen. Kyl does and the fact that he absolutely refused to confront the issues that needed to be addressed in order to help this country’s economy is deeply troublesome.  Anyone who manages a budget, whether its a household or a business, knows that you have look at both income and outgoing funds.  Except the Republicans.  In an obvious pandering to their Tea Party backers, they are absolutely refusing to acknowledge that taxes have anything to do with balancing our federal budget and for reducing the deficit.

So to protect their “reputation” among the base, Kyl and Cantor decided to simply take their ball and go home.  It’s too bad the country is still in the 5th inning with a lot more ball to play.  While it is safer to sit on the sidelines, it certainly isn’t helpful.  Arizona needs scorers, and not bench sitters.


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