The Tranquility of Repetition

Posted: June 22, 2011 in Atty. Gen. Tom Horne, AZ, Discrimination, Elections, Illegal Immigration, Judiciary
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The State of Arizona represented by State Attorney General Tom Horne argued in front of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals today that some voters had been “tricked” into signing postcards for voter registration and therefore the State of Arizona is justified in requiring more documentation than is required at the Federal level.

It’s too bad that Mr. Horne doesn’t understand the difference between possible and probable.  It’s possible that I could win the lottery tomorrow but it’s not really frigging probable.  Likewise, its certainly possible that voters could be tricked by door to door activists signing up people to vote, but the probably has to come into question when Mr. Horne cannot produce a single instance of this having occurred.

The opposition, represented by a DOJ attorney and various representatives of minority groups, can point to the very probable consequences of the new Arizona law.   The Federal process requires the potential voter to fill out a postcard (using a drivers license AND a social security card as proof of citizenship) and then mail it in.  If Arizona were to require further documentation, then the ease of mailing it in is no longer an option.  Who do we KNOW it would affect?  Anyone who lives rurally…..far from reservation offices…..such as many on Indian Reservations.  But it isn’t just the Native Americans affected, it would be anyone who lives in rural areas.

That’s not probable, that’s pretty demonstrable UNLIKE Mr. Horne’s non-existent examples of trickery.  Other minority groups provided some pretty important statistics.  Under the Arizona standard, 30,000 people LESS would be able to vote, even if Federally they did qualify.

I think it is pretty clear that the 9th Circuit will rule against Arizona’s latest assault against minorities, the State is prepared to see the case all the way to SCOTUS.  Unfortunately, SCOTUS has been on a tear that would shame the Taney Court of the late 1800’s.*  Ultimately, I hope and I pray that while millions of citizens will have to live unfairly under the decisions of the Robert’s Court**, eventually that Justice will prevail and these absurd decisions will be overturned, whether de jure or de facto matters not.

And regardless of what I hope, what I know is that no matter how many lies Mr. Horne and his fellow GOP members repeat, they will NEVER be true.  I can say the sky is red a million times a million times more. It won’t change the fact that the human eye perceives the sky as blue.  I prefer the sharp reality of facts, whereas the GOP wants me to accept the tranquility of repetition.  I wonder what America will accept in the long run?


*If this doesn’t ring a bell, google Dred Scott v. Sandford, Plessy v. Ferguson, etc or take Constitutional Law 101 at your local community college

**The current Supreme Court line up of trolls headed by Chief Justice Roberts and his GOP lapdancers, Scalia and Thomas and their decisions of Citizens United, the Class Action Suit against Walmart, and many, many more.


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