A Hard Day’s Night

Posted: June 16, 2011 in Personal

Update:  I found my iTouch at home and had to back off on my righteous indignation at work.  Luckily they were just happy that I’d found it too and no one was to blame.  Also, I FINALLY got my car back from the shop today (If you don’t remember, I was in a 7 car pile up some weeks back).

All things being equal, yesterday wasn’t the worst day I’ve had.

I came into work at the usual time hoping beyond hope that I’d find my missing iTouch (30 Gig) that I was given as birthday present in 2010 as a replacement for the one that was stolen at work about 2 years ago.

A little background may be required….The first one that was stolen was a 30Gig iPod that I absentmindedly left at work one Friday in the pocket of a sweater hanging off the back of my chair.   When I came back in Monday morning it was gone, of course.  The building is supposed to locked down on weekends with visitors logging in with security when the enter and leave the building.  Seven days a week the floor is only accessible to three groups of people:  Company Employees with elevator key cards, the cleaning crew and security.  However, no one ever did any real investigation to try to find the culprit.

Fast forward two years and I had a 30Gig iTouch, all my iTunes music restored to it, at least 8 Kindle books on it (one of which one I had just purchased and hadn’t even read a single word of yet), a bunch of games that I had paid for, and a bunch of notes with personal information in them.  Some the data is irreplaceable.

I could have left it in two places in the office…..on my desk or in my floor’s bathroom.  If it was the bathroom that narrows things down considerably to my female co-workers or the cleaning crew (because I’m pretty sure no maintenance was completed in that bathroom the day it it was stolen).  If it was on my desk, then the number of potential culprits is much larger.

Needless to say I was royally pissed off when I realized it was gone.  I went to the security desk on the ground floor to see if anyone had turned it in to Lost and Found.  No, the security guard said.  He also added that I should never leave anything on my desk.  Well, I had to restrain myself because the first iPod wasn’t ON my desk, it was in a pocket.  So whoever it was was in my cubicle rifling around through stuff to find it.  Regardless, even if it was on my desk, I should, in principle, be able to leave a pot of gold on my friggin desk and not have it touched because IT’S MINE!!!!!

I seriously considered telling him to tell the cleaning crew that I would personally find where they lived, bring a sock full of butter*, and put a world of hurt on them until someone returned my damn iTouch….but I did not (mainly because I didn’t want to get arrested of threatening someone).  But I sure felt like it.

By the time I left work I had gotten over most of my anger and was in a place of Zen Buddhist like acceptance.  I spent the evening typically, hanging out with my Little Man** and chatting online.  Around 7:30 we went for a walk around the neighborhood to get some exercise and it was miserably hot (about 103 degrees, 7% humidity and an 8mp hour westerly wind–i.e., a convection oven).  We made it home worse for wear (the baby had fallen asleep), so I was able to put him to bed, get some sit ups in, and then go swim some laps.

The moon was almost full, just a tiny smidgen shy (although the Farmer’s Almanac says it should have been Full) and face of The Man on the Moon was very clear.  I like to turn off all the lights in the backyard so I can see the stars and even with a very bright moon and the city’s light pollution, I could see some major constellations.  I swam 20 laps and then went inside for a glass or two of sangria and some more surfing.

Overall, a decent day but a better night.


*Google it, it works, but I am NOT recommending you actually ever try this on anyone, not even yourself–sickos

**My Little Man is defined in a post called “Drop it like its hot” from a couple of days ago–it’s not what you think, again you sickos


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