Free Market Dating

Posted: June 14, 2011 in Personal

So I might have made a mistake….I joined a dating site (one that I will decline to specify their name but it rhymes with and so far out of the four people who’ve actually shown interest, I’ve proven that three of them are scam artists from Nigeria trying to make an easy buck.  Caveat Emptor indeed!!!!!!  If you are in a similar situation and you suspect someone is NOT on the up and up, simply Google online dating scams and you will find tons of information on them.  One that I used successfully to identify a scammer (besides their complete unwillingness to provide details or their obvious inability to write English correctly) is They have a pretty extensive list of photos and profiles being used on major sites.  Here are some tips that I have learned in the meantime.

  • If they pretend to have been born overseas OR educated overseas, be wary
  • If they say that a lot of sad things have happened to them, be wary
  • If they pretend they have a really nice job (Engineer, Import/Export, Broker, etc.) and travel overseas a lot, be wary
  • If their written emails don’t indicate that English is their first language, be wary
  • If their names don’t coincide with their supposed nationality (e.g., Loce is a Latvian name and not a German name, which the guy claimed to be), be wary
  • If they say they have fallen in love with you after only a few communications, they’re definitely a scammer
  • If they ever ask you for money, they are definitely a scammer.  Usually they make up a scenario that they are overseas and need some cash to get home even though they are supposedly wealthy.
  • Don’t get fooled by seemingly real photos.  Scammers have gotten smarter and are using real looking photos of Men and Women, with kids, to appear real.
Here’s what I wrote the first scammer I identified (it amused me to no end):
“You f*cking a$$hole.  You are a Nigerian scam artist using someone’s picture to get money from women online.  I just found your profile pic online.  Why don’t you print it, roll it up and shove up your butt as far as it will go.”
That made me feel sooooo much better!

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