Poem of the Month: Compass

Posted: June 12, 2011 in Personal, Poetry

I have been writing poems for many years and shared them only rarely.  Instead of letting them gather dust in my file cabinet I’ve decided to post them here.  This is the first in an ongoing series that I will update once a month.  Today’s poem is entitled, Compass.

East could be West when the compass is lost.
True North is not chosen but given.
This season we wrest knowledge of the end’s cost.
Beware, buds do rot and Spring’s promises are hidden.
What sky was ever so wide.  What hill ever so bare.
Riders sweep across the plain on the steeds of hope and despair.
They bear a question whether to abide or face a contumely’s dare.
To stay the course in the main or approach the beast’s lair.
West could be East when directions are unbidden.
Today’s loss is the least when the future is yesterday’s midden.
Stay, oh my courage stay, be as a shield of good earth.
Be my compass, my sun, my moon, my way.  Lead me to a new berth.

Copyright, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.  You do NOT have permission to copy or use this poem just because you found it on the Internet without expressly asking me FIRST.


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