Arizona Quickies: Sunday 12, 2011

Posted: June 12, 2011 in AZ Quickies, Sen. John McCain
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I must admit to feeling somewhat lazy so I’m going to brief (well as brief as I can be).

  • Photos of Rep. Gabrielle Gifford have come out from before her recent reconstruction surgery. She looks remarkably well in them and I marvel at her ability to not only survive but come back roaring from the abyss.  The surgery she had afterwards would have addressed that part of her skull on the left side that was indented.  I believe that in a few more months we will see a woman who looks for all intents and purposes to be recovered.  Unfortunately, sources are indicating that she is having trouble formulating and communicating complex ideas.  I sincerely hopes that she does not plateau at this point and continues the smooth trajectory upward toward a more complete cognitive recovery but not for the sake of her constituents but for her own sake.  She is in my thoughts quite a lot and is well loved here in AZ.  If positive vibes can actually heal anyone, then Rep. Giffords will be the picture of glowing health. Bless her and her family.
  • Gov. Brewer continues to attempt to balance the budget on the backs of the most vulnerable.  As part of her ongoing war against Big Government, she has been trying to deny Medicaire coverage for over 200,000 childless adults.  Unless a law suit or Federal intervention occurs enrollment in the program will be frozen as of July 1st.
  • The Wallow fire has been contained 6% and residents of the towns of Springerville and Eagar were allowed to return to their homes but at their own risk.  The fire continues to burn over 430,000 acres.
  • Sen. John McCain has indicated that he will not being giving an endorsement to anyone in the 2012 GOP Nomination process.  I think he is trying to make this statement before Palin declares that she will run.  That way he can avoid not endorsing her later.
  • One of the co-conspirators in the murder in 2009 of 28 year old Raul Junior Flores and his 9 year old daughter Brisenia continues.  Brisenia’s mother was shot twice and survived to testify against Albert Gaxiola.  I continue to hope that justice will be served in this sad and sick case.
That’s all I’ve got for now.

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