Definition of a Jerk

Posted: June 10, 2011 in AZ Assholes, AZ Sen. Russell Pearce

AZ Senate President Russell Pearce is trying to wriggle out of the straight jacket that he’s made for himself.  Our Neo-Nazi loving politician was confronted last week by some actual consequences for all of the vitriol and ugliness that he has spewed over the years.  There were originally two groups organizing a recall election but one of those groups, Arizona for a Better Government, withdrew in early May because the second group was close to success.  That second group, Citizens for a Better Arizona, finally did file a petition for recall with the elections committee last week.

With over twice as many signatures gathered than was actually needed (the minimum required was 7,756–the group had over 18,000), it looked like Arizona would FINALLY see some real justice because in the long and hallowed tradition of corruption in Arizona no legislator had ever faced a recall before.  The recall success would also be a great example of what community activism can do (not to mention how moderates can positively affect the very ugly divide in this country).

But like all slimy politicians, Sen. Pearce has been shucking and jiving trying to find a way out of this tough spot.  I don’t know if he solicited the aid of fellow conservative and ahole U.S. Congressional Rep. Tom Tancredo or not, but an effort was made by Tancredo’s PAC, Team America, on a national scale to fight back against the petition.  That effort to protect Sen. Pearce ran up against state campaign finance laws, because accepting funds from unions and corporations to affect an election is against the rules.

So Citizens for a Better Arizona played by the rules and have performed very impressively in a very short period of time.  Sen. Pearce is doing what it seems the GOP always does, trying to find a way around the rules and assuming that the rules don’t apply to him.  He’s wriggling, dodging, skewing, and yes, jerking around trying to avoid the train bearing down on him.

His latest jerky move was to request that fellow conservative and State Attorney General Tom Horne rule on whether Tancredo’s PAC is allowed to receive money from unions and corporations.  Sen. Pearce is not only hoping to build up a large amount of cash reserves in order to fight the recall but also to use in his re-election.  Furthermore, the involvement of a state attorney general to rule on an election commission’s decision is something that could trigger a federal case, which would delay everything very nicely for him.

So far it isn’t working but I have to give him credit, he’s no dummy.  I’m hoping the recall election goes through and Arizona citizens can finally feel like they struck a real blow for decency and accountability in the state’s politics.



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