Homegrown Industry: Murder

Posted: June 3, 2011 in AZ, Criminal in AZ, Lord of the Flies
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You might have noticed that another mass murder is in the news today and guess where it happened?  Arizona, of course.  Yuma to be precise.

An angry 73-year-old man decided he was going to vent his built up anger by attempting to kill 6 people and himself.  The latest report is that 5 people are dead and one seriously wounded, not counting the suspect.   Police are indicating that all of the individuals are associated somehow.

Four of the victims were killed in the area of Wellton, where the shooter lived.  The first two victims were women, then there was a man and woman in a home off of Hwy 80 (see the map below, Hwy 80 runs part of the way from Wellton to Yuma), and another male victim in a house a few miles down the road from there.   Sometime after shooting those four individuals, Dyess drove about 1 hour west on I8 to Yuma where he shot and killed a well-known attorney, Jerrold Shelley.  Sadly, Shelley who was the ex-wife’s attorney in the divorce case while he was packing up to begin retirement that same day.

Road Map from Wellton to Yuma

I suspect that the individuals in Wellton were people he had some ongoing conflict with and the attorney was an old grudge that he decided, once he’d started killing people, he might as well just finish everyone he could on his shit list.

The suspected shooter, a man by the name of Carey Dyess, did not have a criminal record;  however, there are indications that his ex-wife may have had a protection order against him at some point.  Authorities are not clear on what may have triggered this episode since the divorce occurred back in 2006.  The shooter took his own life about halfway between Wellton and Yuma.


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