A pound of prevention or if wishes were fishes……

Posted: June 1, 2011 in AZ, Delusional in AZ, Gov. Jan Brewer, Lord of the Flies, The Economy

In May 2010, Arizona voters overwhelmingly approved Prop 100, a temporary sales tax increase for the specific purpose of protecting education, public safety and health services from deep state budget cuts that were in the works.  The penny more per dollar tax was projected to raise $820 million in the first year.

Unfortunately, of the $1.1 billion cut from the 2012 state budget the majority of it was taken from education and health care–about $500 million was taken from education and another $500 million from health care.  Surely the $820 million from the sales tax could have significantly offset the proposed budget cuts, right?  Not if you’re Gov. Brewer.  It seems that money disappeared up her sleeve and the areas that the voters wanted to protect were slashed anyway.

Meanwhile other areas went untouched and one was actually given an increase–the Department of Corrections received an extra $10 million.  I find it incredibly ironic that the only state department to have their budget increased is also the industry to which Gov. Brewer has the closest private industry ties.

Supporters of the original proposal are finally speaking out. They are saying they feel the intent of the bill was betrayed.  So far Gov. Brewer’s only response is, to paraphrase, ‘shut up the cuts could have been worse’.  Once again Gov. Brewer is either deaf or she just doesn’t give damn about what the Arizona voters are actually saying.

Maybe the voters will realize that the only real way to prevent budget slashes is to 1) elect someone who really listens to the voters, 2) elect someone who doesn’t think privatizing government services means we each get a rainbow unicorn that shits $100 bills, and 3) ensure that future proposals are written so that there is no wiggle room for politicians to avoid their responsibility (i.e., see the post about Gov. Brewer sidestepping implementation of Medical Marijuana).

Rainbow Unicorn Making $100 Bills

My very own Rainbow Unicorn Making $100 Bills


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