Theirs not to question why……

Posted: May 30, 2011 in Non-AZ, Personal
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Today is Memorial Day.  My family has had soldiers fight in every war the U.S. has ever been engaged in starting with the Revolutionary War.  From what I’ve been told by family genealogists, apparently we  had someone with the surname Craig (on my mother’s side) who fought for the Colonials and died.  His own wife took up his gun and carried on with the fight.  It makes me proud to think that the women in my family didn’t just sit home and wait for an outcome but took up arms themselves when the need arose.  Waiting for disaster I don’t understand–taking the field of battle I can comprehend.

Not to say that I glorify war. I don’t.  I’ve spent part of the last 27 years discovering little by little the history of my ancestors in the Civil War.  And during that fact-finding journey have come face to face with the true horror of war.  It is ugly, loud, smelly, dirty and foul.  It is terrifying, heartbreaking and often pointless.  War is a plague upon human kind that we inflict upon ourselves.  We are our own disease.

And even thinking so, I can still appreciate the amount of bravery it took for my ancestors to face the enemy on a field of battle.  It is far too easy for those of us in our modern “La-Z-Boys” to second guess what and why they did what they did. Truth is, until you’ve “seen the elephant”, you don’t know jack.  I pray that I never have to face such a situation and that my children never have to either.

So here’s a toast to the the soldiers of the present and the past in my family that faced down their fear and did what they thought was right.  And here’s a toast to all of America’s soldiers past and present who love their country to such a degree as to sacrifice their own welfare to ensure their country’s continued well-being.



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