Fickle is as Fickle does

Posted: May 28, 2011 in AZ, Border Security, Culture War, Gov. Jan Brewer, Illegal Immigration, State's Rights

There is nothing constant in this world but inconsistency.
–Jonathan Swift

Does Gov. Brewer have multiple personalities? The reason I am asking is because I can’t see a guiding principle behind her recent actions. To date she has spent millions defending the indefensible and unconstitutional anti-immigration law SB1070. On April 23, 2010 the same day Gov. Brewer signed the law she said:

“another tool for our state to use as we work to solve a crisis we did not create and the federal government has refused to fix …”

From this and many other statements, it appears that Gov. Brewer is not willing to consult nor willing to wait on the Federal Government on a vital issue that has always been the purview of the Feds, border security and immigration.

However, on other issues that have traditionally been the purview of both the states and the Feds she is more than happy to use the tools that the Federal Government supplies, imperfect though they may be. For example, she has eagerly supported the State in defense of the Employer Sanctions Law. Arizona businesses and business advocates sued the state in Federal Court because they felt the state’s requirement of making businesses use the Federal E-Verify program to verify the citizenship of those they hire was too burdensome because of problems with the system and the difficulty in complying for small businesses.*

Likewise, she announced today that she has ordered the State Attorney General to get a Federal Court ruling on whether or not Arizona could implement the popularly mandated medical marijuana law. Arizona is the 15th state to approve medical marijuana but she intends to run to Daddy and ask permission if we can do it. But when it comes to implementing laws that she and her ilk want to see in place, then she is Little Miss Contrary.

I’m not so much arguing for or against any of these laws in particular**, but what I am annoyed about is her inconsistency. Like so many in the GOP, they’re all for Liberty and Small Government EXCEPT on social issues like abortion, like medical marijuana, like gay marriage, etc. That’s when government can get all up in your uterus….um, I mean, personal business. So which of the following is behind Gov. Brewer’s decisions lately?

  1. multiple personality disorder
  2. typical GOP flip-flop on security v. social issues
  3. political disingenuous appeal to her base while trying to also quell negative reaction from those in the middle
  4. a lack of character signified by fickle decision making based on too loosely held principles
  5. All of the above

*SCOTUS ruling yesterday effectively said that the law was not too burdensome on businesses and did not step on the toes of the Federal responsibility for Immigration

**But since I’m pretty progressive, you can guess where I stand on these issues.

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