Holy Jeebus on a Cracker, No Rapture!?!

Posted: May 21, 2011 in AZ, Criminal in AZ, Lord of the Flies, Maricopa County, Personal, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Thoughts on the Day

Who coulda thunk it?  Actually I don’t know anyone, Christians and non-Christians alike, who actually thought the Rapture would happen today.  I found it amusing how the media kept confusing the Rapture with Armageddon.  Just goes to show you how much this supposedly “Christian nation” doesn’t even know their own religion/mythology.

Today was beautiful in Phoenix, warm in the 90’s, but still not warm enough for me to swim (water temps being in the 70’s).  I did a little clothes shopping for myself, which I have not done in quite a long time.  I was tired of wearing androgynous cheap clothes to work–which has been all I could afford for the last couple of years.  But I splurged anyway.  It’s hard to feel good about yourself, if you don’t treat yourself decently.  One of my purchases was a must have for any woman–an above the knee black skirt.

I have to give some cred to my little man he’s only 8 months old).  He behaved relatively well considering how much time I spent dithering in the changing rooms at Kohl’s.  He is normally such a cheerful and smiling cherub that he gets tons of attention when we’re out in public.  Actually, my poor 8-year-old daughter is a little jealous of this attention because it is not uncommon for us to be stopped multiple times in a store by various people wanting to say hello to Liam.  I don’t want to brag but he is a very cute baby and people just seem to enjoy him.  Meghan loves him a lot and I’m extremely proud of how she has adjusted to my “late in life” baby.  So far, she has been a perfect big sister.

In spite of his normal happy nature, by the time we got to the grocery store, I was doing some serious “toe gobbling” and “silly expressions” play to keep him content.  We survived grocery shopping without an infant meltdown because I was completely comfortable with being a clown in public (actually I’m clown most of the time so nothing new there).

I cooked for myself tonight, something I also haven’t done for a long time.  I made a sauce of diced tomatoes, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, super lean ground beef, fresh basil leaves (from this years garden), some dried oregano (from last years garden but still with tons of flavor), and of course, onion and garlic.  I paired the sauce with some al dente rotini pasta and little chunks of mozzarella.  Even with all the herbs, the lean beef and canned veggies offered little flavor.  So thank goodness for the herbs.  The flavor wasn’t all that I had hoped for but the process of cooking made up for it.  Next time, I’ll use artichokes that were previously marinated and sun-dried tomatoes so that they really pop in the dish.

In the news today, it appears that the Sheriff’s Office of Maricopa County, run by the infamous Joe Arpaio, is in deep water for failing to investigate about 400 serious crimes over the last two years.  And when I say serious, I mean serious crimes like murder and child sexual abuse.   One horrific example is the City of El Mirage.   Several years ago an internal audit by the City found that their police department wasn’t doing a very good job.  So they hired MCSO as a stop-gap measure to investigate crimes and provide patrol services.  However, instead of it being a temporary thing, they signed a contract paying $3.6 million to MCSO to continue providing LEO services.

After a couple of years the residents started to complain and the City of El Mirage hired experienced Phoenix police officers to rebuild their force internally and clear up the back log of cases.  The new officers were astonished to find a ton of uninvestigated cases.  Now the recent federal investigation into Arpaio and the MCSO is adding this malfeasance to their long, long list of evidence against the supposed “toughest Sheriff in the U.S.”

I never thought much of Arpaio because he spent way too much time in front of the camera instead of doing his job.  With my background in criminal justice, I tend to look at LEO agencies a little differently than the average voter.  The average voter is easily fooled by stats touted by Arpaio and his press spokesmen.  He or she is too easily pleased with cost savings from the green bologna in the jail.  He or she is too easily satisfied emotionally with the imposition of pink underwear on male inmates and the rounding up of immigrants in poor neighborhoods.  I tend to judge a LEO agency by the internal industry standards and the MCSO falls well short in this regard.

You have to listen hard for the real stats….the ones that other LEO agencies report and the scuttlebutt within the LEO community  itself.  For instance, every time I heard about a death in a MCSO jail, I made note of it (as have others).  We can do math and see that Maricopa County’s death rate inside the jails is way out of proportion to the population–i.e., the  Phoenix metro area should not have the same number or more deaths than, say, the metro area of Los Angeles, CA.  This kind of record should make any self-respecting LEO professional ashamed, but not Arpaio.

Add to that the periodic loss of accreditation of the MCSO detention centers.  A LEO professional knows that accreditation isn’t just some certificate you hang on the office wall.  It is a method for  running a tight ship, where citizens are treated fairly within the rule of law and the larger community is properly protected.  Arpaio never had that professional opinion of accreditation and ran things according to his own rules.  The amount hubris it takes for a single person in that position of power to ignore the results of thousands of studies and to ignore the collective wisdom of hundreds of city, state and federal LEO agencies is mind-boggling.

To top off this sundae of ego and malfeasance, let’s just add some corruption as the whip cream and cherry.  There are too many scandals to go into in this short post, but what Arpaio has sown he now reaps.  Any organization built upon a cult of personality for one narcissistic individual that ignores legal, cultural and ethical standards like Arpaio and the MCSO will eventually collapse upon itself.

So not only did I survive the non-Rapture, I am living to see the end of Joe Arpaio.  I don’t think anything could spoil this day…….oops, wait, I just heard that Sarah Palin bought a house in Scottsdale.  Nooooooooooooooo!


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