So called Neo-Nazis

Posted: May 20, 2011 in AZ, AZ Sen. Russell Pearce, Illegal Immigration

Fox10 News at Nine has a story tonight on our state Senate leader Russell Pearce and his ties to an individual known as J.T. Ready.  J.T. Ready has been seen at neo-Nazi rallies and was a self-proclaimed member of a group that is known to anyone and everyone as a neo-Nazi group, The National Socialist Movement.  J.T. Ready himself claims that Pearce is a surrogate father figure to him.  They have appeared at several anti-immigration rallies around Arizona supporting and encouraging one another.  J.T. Ready is a man who performs armed patrols north of the Mexican border, detaining illegal immigrants.  Never mind that it’s militia type behavior and illegal to detain anyone against their will if you are not a certified LEO.

In addition, Pearce, who is Mormon, ordained J.T. Ready as an Elder of the Mormon Church.  How does any true Christian reconcile raising someone of that ilk to be an Elder, which means that the person leads a righteous life. How can a neo-Nazi in any fashion be called righteous?

And STILL the local Fox10 News anchor, John Hook, says that Pearce is only “accused” of associating with a “so-called” neo-Nazi.  No, Mr. Hook Russell Pearce, a man with a significant amount of power in this state, has undoubtedly not only associated with, but also supported and encouraged, a noted member of a REAL, ACTUAL and SELF-PROCLAIMED neo-Nazi.  What the hell is wrong with the MSM in this country?

Fox10 is trying to present a “balanced” story that doesn’t warrant balance.  The evidence that Russell Pearce and J.T. Ready have had a long-standing relationship and that Pearce was even previously warned by other colleagues not t0 associate with someone like J.T. Ready.  Even J.T. Ready says Pearce is lying through his teeth about his relationship with him.

Russell Pearce claims that he is being targeted because of his views on Immigration.  Yes, yes you are Sen. Pearce.  And you’re being targeted because your behavior throughout your public career has been filled with racist language in communications, associating with known racist organizations and individuals, and behaving in unprofessional, unethical and inappropriate ways.  Big surprise that he started out as a Sheriff’s Deputy for Maricopa County.

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