Its a Firefly Friday and AZ Quickies

Posted: May 20, 2011 in AZ, AZ Quickies, AZ Sen. Russell Pearce, Gun Control, Personal, Sheriff Joe Arpaio

It’s Friday night and there’s not a damn thing on TV but that’s nothing new, eh?  I’ve settled on watching the next couple of Firefly series eps (have had them on DVD for a while now and never re-watched them).    My daughter said something that scared me so bad, I swear my heart almost stopped beating.  I was immediately thinking of all the horrible things that might have happened.  Being a parent can be terrifying because there are so many things you can’t control and so many influences that barrage kids these days.  I don’t think it was any easier for me as a kid, but then my childhood was unusual.

So with those dark reflections let’s see what AZ had in the news today:

  • It’s getting warm and the drowning rate is starting to rise as it does every sad year here in the Valley of the Sun.  A 1 year old boy was pulled from a pool in Avondale.  He is expected to survive but they don’t say in what condition.
  • The funeral of two Border Agents were held today.  They were killed when their SUV was hit by a train during a chase while on duty.
  • Arizona voters are starting to wake up.  A group of local activists and government officials have written an open letter to the Feds asking them to take  immediate action against Joe Arpaio for his misbehavior and malfeasance while in office.  This kind of thing would not have been possible a year or more ago.  But recent scandals and investigations that keep uncovering more and more dirt are finally hurting Joe’s popular support, emboldening his opponents.
  • Likewise, the voters have their eye on Russell Pearce, the State Senate President.  A lot of information about Pearce has been online and Fox10 News did an important story just last night.  A group called Americans for Better Government have filed a petition for recall of Pearce.
  • Another gunman is sought in Phoenix after a shooting in a bar.  And yes this is the same place where lawmakers have been fighting to make having guns in bars a MORE LIKELY occasion in the future.  That’s smart, reeeeeeealllllll smart!
 I wish you a Happy Rapture Day and if we do get “taken” in the next 24 hours, I’ll see y’all in heaven.  I gotta say though, if there’s only naked baby angels floating amongst the clouds while playing harps for all eternity, I’ll probably bail and see what’s shaken down below.  Laters…..

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