The Heat is on until it isn’t

Posted: May 17, 2011 in AZ, Personal

Just when you think things are going to get heated up, they cool off. It seems like some kind of universal trend right now. It seems like politics were heating up with the start of the GOP presidential candidate debates and Trump’s ubiquitous and dubious presence. But as soon as they got started, it all seemed to fizzle.  I mean, the cast of characters running in the race has been, so far, incredibly entertaining.  While that is good for the MSM, it’s not so good for the country.   It’s a shame the  Republican base can’t handle reality based thinking, or we’d all be better off.   So the right-wingers are frothing at the mouth for the latest crazy blow-hard to appear on the scene while the rest of the country is giving them a frosty reception and re-considering the entire GOP field.

A cooling down and some reassessment is also going on in my life. I had taken drastic action a few weeks ago and changed my life dramatically, for what I hoped would be the better. Unfortunately not much has changed close to home. I mean to say that it hasn’t changed enough to my liking and I seem to be in a holding pattern until June. Moreover, my knowable future, which only a few weeks ago seemed full of possibilities, has reduced itself to something routine and familiar, but not altogether unwelcome.

I am essentially in a holding pattern for now and I don’t do well with waiting. And that is probably why the Flying Sphagetti Monster (or Mother Nature, or karma or god or God or Goddess, whatever!) has becalmed me now. He/she/it is determined to teach me patience to see what will be. I’m still not buying it though. Screw patience and screw waiting.

Even the weather is getting into the act. It was hot, in the 90’s, as one would expect for the beginning of summer in AZ (yes summer starts way too early and lasts way too long here in the desert). But forecasts are expecting things to dip down into the 80’s.  Not that I mind. I don’t want 100 degree temps starting this early. But it’s hard to tell my kids ‘no we can’t go swimming’ when they want. I absolutely refuse to get in the pool when the water temp is below 78 degrees. Call me a wimp….that I can handle. Freezing my ass off, I can’t handle.

So I wait and ponder…perhaps it’s time to focus on what needs doing. Because there is lots that needs doing. For my part there are childcare decisions to be made, work projects to be fine tuned, vacation plans to be made, and even unpacking to be done. I have artwork to hang on the walls….movie dvd’s and books to organize and shelve.

For our leaders, there are an absolute ton of things that need to be taken care of, particularly in AZ.  Unfortunately, we are suffering from an extreme lack of leadership.  Our public schools are underfunded and underrepresented while cronies who own private schools and charter schools are sitting pretty.  State services are being slashed left and right while we continue to hand out cash like candy to supposed public servants who engage in blatant corruption and chicanery (exhibit A:  Joe Arpaio and his PAC of lies –like the pun?).  Not to mention record unemployment, falling housing prices, record level foreclosures……oh, and China kicking our ass.  In the meantime, Gov. Brewer and state legislators are very busy trying to regulate what goes on in my womb and where non-whites can drive/live/breathe.

I don’t in my heart of hearts believe that all waiting is bad.   And even if that waiting is caused by bad leadership (on my part or the political yahoos in this state).  Maybe it’s only a preface to better things to come.  Maybe its exactly what we need to help wake up Arizona voters and make serious changes for the better in this state.


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