Eat or be eaten

Posted: April 27, 2011 in AZ Assholes, Class Warfare, Gov. Jan Brewer, Healthcare, Lord of the Flies, Progressivism

I was reading a discussion on a favorite blog of mine, Bob Cesca’s Awesome Blog, and wanted to respond to a conservative post there.  Unfortunately, comments had been shut down on the topic.  I could not resist responding in some fashion because I think the points I have to make are important.

Essentially the conservative poster was responding to my having shown evidence of how politicians in the GOP are doing un-American, unpatriotic things and destroying the U.S.  I used the recent idiocy of denying life-saving operations, SB1070, etc here in AZ as examples.  His response was:

Liberals are so fucking stupid. You wish to provide government more and more to redistribute, and YOU ARE THE ONES that want every single politician to be a Democrat, in fact YOU want to take over everything so as to make all of this happen the way YOU want it to. The reality is, it will never happen unless you want to FORCE it to. And in the meantime politicians will blow your funding as it has for decades. Like the results?

That’s not the way it works in Nature.

Posted by: Larry at April 27, 2011 10:38 AM

My thoughts are as follows:

 Ah, now we’re down to it, aren’t we Larry. It’s all about Nature…eat or be eaten, the market is always right, capitalism in its purest form. That’s how Conservatives think it should always be….they love them some Randian ideals (Galtian, Natural Selection, the best will always survive and those “less than” will not through pure meritocracy EXCEPT where it conflicts with their white old man sky god theory or where idiots like G.W. Bush or Trump’s son-in-law rise to the top because, well, they’re rich…), then the “eat or be eaten” theory gets modified by “if you believe the way we believe you won’t get eaten” and “there’s nothing wrong with inheriting your merit”.

See you THINK you want it to be that way, “natural”, because you see yourself as special…as one of those superior intellects. One of the successes in life, one of the chosen.  You think you’re the wolf among the sheep.

What you don’t realize is that unless you’re one of those 1 percenters (like Boy Wonder said, one of the Koch Bros), you aren’t wolf. In fact, your sheep like the rest of us and you are now getting culled from the herd, you just haven’t realized it yet. And what’s worse is you’re helping those above you do it by promoting conservative political ideas.  You’re a sheep who thinks he’s a wolf and actually teams up with the real wolves to bring the other sheep down.  And once the other sheep have been eaten, you’ll be the next meal.

So tell me again who is fucking stupid. The Liberal who is willing to sacrifice for the sake of the group and expects others to do the same OR the Conservative who is happy he’s got his share and fuck everyone else?

Liberals don’t want everyone to be Democrats.  What we’d like is for our politicians to actually use logic and reason.  We don’t like idealogues of any stripe and that’s all the GOP is offering right now.

BTW, two individuals died in AZ because they were denied coverage for their REQUIRED organ transplant. They weren’t denied by Medicare, they were denied by Gov. Brewer.  She changed state law and refused to pay for the operations as of Oct. 1st, 2010. You have no fucking idea what you’re talking about.   Next time have some actual facts to use instead of slinging insults at a group of people who you really know nothing about.  Then we can have a constructive conversation instead of a “let’s shit on each other fest”.  M’kay?


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