AZ Quickies: A Mixed Bag

Posted: April 14, 2011 in AZ Quickies, Gov. Jan Brewer, Illegal Immigration

Some good news and bad news for Arizona.  First the good news:

*On 4/11 a Federal Appeals Court refused to lift a stay blocking major parts of SB1070 from taking effect.

*Many Arizona business leaders have been lobbying state legislators to tone down their anti-illegal immigration rhetoric and any plans for even more restrictions on immigrants.  It’s good to see the business community doing the right thing, even if it is probably for the wrong reasons.

*A new group called Citizens for a Better Arizona have formed and are gathering signatures to recall Senate President Russell Pearce.  They have 2/3 of the signatures they need and feel confidant that they will get the rest by the deadline on May 31st.

Now the bad news:

*Gov. Brewer and her crazy GOP posse continue to defend SB1070 in the courts, wasting time and money on a losing effort.

*Gov. Brewer is still encouraging the legislators to pursue a variety of bills targeting immigrants, evidently not caring one whit about what the business community thinks.

*Unfortunately, historically speaking recalls have had no success in Arizona, even when the politician in question engaged in egregious illegal and unethical behavior.  I suspect Pearce will survive the challenge.  But as usual, I hope I’m wrong…..

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