It’s Snowing in Hell

Posted: March 2, 2011 in AZ Kudos, Brave in AZ, Progressivism, Smart in AZ

Secession apparently isn’t just for conservatives anymore.  I’d thought I’d seen everything to be honest and my cynicism had developed as a result.  I can honestly say  that is no longer true.  I was astounded to read that certain factions in Tucson, AZ are seriously considering seceding from Arizona to form a new state.

A political committee has formed to explore making Pima County, AZ with a population of 1 million people a new state. They have proposed several names such as “Baja Arizona” or “Gadsden” (from the 1854 Gadsden Purchase of AZ from Mexico).  The committee is made up of both Democratic and Libertarian members.  Yes, you read that correctly. According to Paul Eckerstrom, former Democratic Party chairman for Pima County and co-chairman of a group calling itself Start Our State:

People here are kind of at the breaking point. The final straw was the nullification bills going through the Senate right now … that are frankly secession from our country, and we down here want to stay in the United States – we want to be American.

If they did become their own state, I would seriously consider moving down there. I only need to start a campaign to convince my supervisor that our Tucson office needed me on-site. Ah, well, maybe that wouldn’t be possible. On the other hands, when something like this happens, liberals and libertarians taking common cause, it does make me more hopeful for America. You never know what could happen.


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