David Brooks’ Serious Proposal

Posted: March 2, 2011 in Class Warfare, Healthcare, Lord of the Flies, MSM, Non-AZ, The Economy

Oh how the poor do make a stink and muck up the ideal world of the David Brooks and his corporatist fellows!  I always love reading about how I am a nuisance that the rich cannot and do not want to deal with. As I grow older and my health care becomes more expensive, I truly enjoy reading the following by David Brooks (I refuse to link to his shitpile of an article):

Trim from the old to invest in the young. We should adjust pension promises and reduce the amount of money spent on health care during the last months of life so we can preserve programs for those who are growing and learning the most.

Unlike Jonathan Swift, Brooks is serious and his voice is loud. His articles published by the NY Times online and in print reaches millions of readers around the world. Evidently the Times doesn’t understand how great responsibility and great power must go hand and hand or they would not allow this drivel to be produced in their name.

What Brooks and his ilk either don’t get or won’t accept is that living and dying is a messy, complicated journey that very few people escape through hard work alone. Brooks likes to think they’ve reached easy street by the sweat of their brow, when everyone knows that luck and a million other factors affect the outcome in a person’s life.   It is pure arrogance to think that luck did NOT play a a huge role when a particular sperm and a particular ovum happened to meet and produce David Brooks.  It’s presumptuous in the extreme to assume that he was destined to be born to his white parents, when he was and where he was with all the advantages that implies (and have provided to white males for the last 2 or 3,000 years–see Louis CK, Being white).  It’s haughtily simplistic to assume that all the small and large decisions made during his life were an orchestrated, mindful effort by himself and his parents that led to his current success in the American press .

This is the kind of prick that wants to advise his fellow elitists to make judgments about which of the elderly and the poor the country will invest in and which they will not!? Brooks, in his infinite, presumptuous, and tone deaf wisdom dares to propose such austerity principles to the American populace who is already suffering greatly!?

Thankfully, there are saner voices, like that of Tom Scocca of Slate who countered with extreme wit and intelligence the following:

That’s why it’s probably a bad idea to entrust solving the end-of-life problem to the sort of people who say “adjust pension promises” when they mean “cut pensions.” But it’s not surprising that the blithely plural David Brooks worked their way around to the doorstep of euthanasia. The fiscal disciplinarians are, in their own way, spiritual heirs to the eugenicists of a century ago, with their eye on the greater, collective good. The deficit and the debt bother them not so much morally as aesthetically: they are the budgetary result of the distasteful, ongoing presence of unnecessary and unproductive people.

It is pundits like Brooks in the MSM that give the veneer of moral acceptability to the inevitable decline of the American Middle Class and who contribute to the eventual banality of what history will judge to be evil suggestions for the good of the top 1% in the world.


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