Wake up AZ, you’re being used

Posted: February 24, 2011 in AZ Sen. Russell Pearce, Class Warfare, Criminal in AZ, Culture War, Gov. Jan Brewer, Illegal Immigration

State Rep. Russell Pearce is proposing new legislation that would prohibit the children of illegal immigrants from attending AZ schools. He is also proposing to refuse public housing and drivers licenses for anyone who cannot prove citizenship and a whole host of other things of this type. AZ voters had already voted to limit taxpayer support of services to illegal immigrants in general several years before, but the specifics of the law were never fleshed out. Pearce claims its only “clean up” because he is “simply” laying out the specific services that won’t be provided.

However, it is really clear from statements that he and Gov. Brewer have made that this is the result of a larger GOP effort to get around the current federal power structure and governmental processes to achieve social change according to GOP values. Essentially the GOP through Pearce and Gov. Brewer are improperly using and thus abusing the state of Arizona and its taxpayers as a tool for this larger agenda.

Their agenda to impose their social values on everyone else in the U.S. hinges on the current make up of the U.S. Supreme Court. SCOTUS is currently stacked with conservatives like it has never been done before. And the GOP knows that some of the fastest and most revolutionary changes in the U.S. came as the result of Supreme Court rulings. Unfortunately, at least from their point of view, those rulings tended to be “liberal rulings (again, in their view). To the GOP decisions like Brown v. Board of Education (1954), Korematsu v. United States (1944), Roe v. Wade (1973), Miranda v. Arizona (1966), etc. are what has gone wrong with America during the past century.

Furthermore, the GOP feels that the regular process of going through the other two branches of government to achieve social and systemic changes is unfeasible. I mean, even I as a ‘dyed in the wool’ in the Liberal, can agree with the conservatives that the Legislative Branch of the Federal government is time-consuming and often completely fruitless. Many would go so far to say that it is broken, and I wouldn’t disagree. However, we would disagree as to why. The GOP claims that it is because Democrats won’t be reasonable, by which they mean they won’t do exactly as the Republicans want. I would say that Congress doesn’t work because Democrats are always too busy tacking to the center in order to run for re-election instead of doing what is best for the country.

The GOP won’t try going through the Executive Branch for several reasons. First, they recognize that no matter who is in the office of the Presidency, the office is limited in what can be done. Those things that the President can do, has been done before and did not result in the extreme social and systemic changes that they would wish to see. The prime example of that is former President G.W. Bush. While he was able to further entrench the military industrial complex by fallaciously starting a war in Iraq, he was unable to affect laws and behavior in regards to social values to the extent that the far right would prefer. Second, President Obama, no matter how much he talks a good game about bipartisanship, would never compromise and take the extreme kind of action that the far right would want. A good example of that is how the President finally called off the DOJ attorneys who were defending the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act. Evangelicals are hopping mad over that and will see it as just another sign of how he doesn’t agree with them and never will. Third, there are too many on the far right who wouldn’t work with President Obama even if he was willing to compromise with them on social values issues because he’s an African American. Yes, I said it. For a certain percentage of the far right, the fact that the President has brown skin is a barrier that they won’t even consider working with him on anything. And if not that kind of blatant racism, then its a more subtle type. For instance, they assume that he will sympathize with others, i.e., other people with brown skin, and refuse to put the country’s interests first. This is the racism at the source of the birther movement and a million different rumors saying the President is a Manchurian candidate, or a Muslim, or socialist, etc.

In absence of the ability to go through Congress or the President, the GOP has tried ballot initiatives in various states and the result has been long drawn out court battles. Perfect example of this is Prop. 8 in California and the resulting case moving through the Federal Court system. So, the GOP has logically reasoned that the courts are the best way to achieve what they want. And what they want is impose their values on the rest of the population through test cases that originate in Arizona and other like-minded states. Never mind that we are an incredibly diverse country with a multitude of skin colors, religions, sexual orientation, languages and cultures.

Arizona taxpayer money is going to pay for these test cases. Now I realize that my tax money goes to pay for a lot of things I don’t agree with, such as abstinence education in our schools. However, that is something that is understood as part of the social contract and within the powers enumerated in our Constitution. However for things like this, I cannot and will not allow these bigots, these cultural fascists to use my taxes to limit the rights of women, children, immigrants, non-whites, and non-Christians.

I do wonder what will happen if the courts fail them. Will they rebel? Will their opportunity have passed and will they have aged to such an extent that revolution is out of the question for them? I hope that is the case. I hope that we can fight them off long enough so that younger, more diverse generations with the ability to be more open-minded and accepting of those who are different can take their place. Make no mistake we’re in a cultural and class war, and we need to wake up and stand up against it.

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