Cold Blooded

Posted: February 17, 2011 in Border Security, Criminal in AZ, Lord of the Flies

Shawna Forde, the former Militiaman leader, was convicted yesterday of 2 counts of 1st degree murder and it is a clear victory for justice.  Unfortunately, it will not bring back the victims–9-year-old  Brisenia Flores and her father, Raul.

Shawna granted an exclusive interview with The Daily Beast.   In the same breath as claiming to understand the horror and loss of Brisenia’s mother who not only survived the assault but witnessed the shooting of her husband and daughter, Shawna also said, “…people shouldn’t deal drugs if they have kids.”

She is referring to the purported reason for the murders.  Her defense claimed that Brisenia’s father was a drug dealer and that the family was targeted because of that and therefore the whole affair had nothing to do with Shawna.  However, Shawna’s conspirators have already admitted that Shawna was involved and that she targeted the family because she thought they were drug dealers.  It was her hope that the victim being a drug dealer would provide some advantages to her criminal endeavor.  First she hoped to find a lot of cash to further fund her lifestyle and militiamen activities.  Second, she hoped that the community would care less about such a victim and would not pursue the killers with any enthusiasm.  Third, she simply wanted to kill someone brown and this family fit the bill.  Fourth, she might have been hoping (this is speculation on my part) that she might also score some drugs.*

Shawna and her conspirators did not find drugs or cash.  They simply found a family that the proceeded to shoot and kill all the while joking and talking about the crime nonchalantly.  Ultimately, it’s all immaterial anyway.  Brisenia was just a child.  Whether her parents were or were not drug dealers should have no bearing on the value of her life.  And in this country, the fact of whether the father was a drug dealer in no way makes him more acceptable as a victim either.  We as individuals do not get to ascribe value to others and then apply our own perceived justice.  That is vigilantism and unacceptable in a country that subscribes to the Rule of Law.

Beyond all of this BS and even if Shawna was innocent, what kind of person would say such  a hideous, cold-blooded thing?  It is beyond the comprehension of any feeling person.  Or a least, it should be.


*I say this because of her personal history of drug and alcohol abuse.

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