AZ Asshole: Gov. Jan Brewer

Posted: February 11, 2011 in AZ Assholes, Border Security, Delusional in AZ, Gov. Jan Brewer, Healthcare, The Economy

The State of Arizona is suing the Federal Government because the State GOP thinks that would be the best way to get re-elected.  Wait, that’s not very kind.  Maybe I should characterize it differently….Okay, they think it’s the best way to distract us from the real issues that we face like the economy and how the rich are getting richer and the rest of us are getting poorer.  Hmmmm……no, I think both of those reasons are true, so I’ll stand by them.

Essentially, the suit filed yesterday is a counter suit to the Federal Government’s challenge to the SB107o nonsense.   State Attorney General Tom Horne is partially basing his suit on the 2008 law that set up the Department of Homeland Security (because its stated goal is to “achieve and maintain operational control for the Arizona-Mexico border” and partially based on the U.S. Constitution (because the Feds are supposed to protect us against invasion).

Gov. Brewer, like the good little yappy GOP pet she is, repeated the BS about invasion in her press conference yesterday.  I have a news flash for Atty Gen Horne and Gov. Brewer:  If Arizona had been invaded it wouldn’t look like it does today and a lawsuit wouldn’t be necessary to bring the nation’s attention to it.  But there I go again, being all rational and liberal.

Gov. Brewer has set up a fund to pay for the costs of litigation for this and SB1070.  What she doesn’t tell you is where she is getting the money from since the State is broke.  I’m guessing the Arizonans dying for want of an organ transplant can tell you where the money came from.

Here’s a Bonus Ooga Booga comic to amplify the message:


Sic 'em girl!

Sic 'em girl!

(Click image to enlarge)


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