The Dangers of Privatization

Posted: February 9, 2011 in AZ, Corrections, Criminal in AZ, Gov. Jan Brewer, Privatization

There’ s a case in Scranton, PA where a couple of judges sentenced 100’s of juveniles to stints in the local privately run detention center in exchange for money.  Sadly, it wasn’t just the judges.  The entire County Criminal Justice system failed to police the private company properly.  The defense attorneys whose clients deserved at best a slap on the wrist but received 90 day sentences said nothing.  The county administrators who saw the numbers of detainees rise and remain high said nothing.   The county and federal inspectors that failed to note and report the increased number of detainees, their poor treatment, and too many other problems to mention.   I could go on and on.

This “kids for cash” case is the perfect example of what is wrong with allowing the privatization of an industry that should be the sole responsibility of government.  Punishment on behalf of the people should be done by the people, not by those with a profit motive.  Are you listening, Gov. Brewer?  Nah, I didn’t expect that you would.  You have two former Corrections Corporation of America lobbyists working on your staff and three out of the five Arizona prisons are privatized.  After all, it’s hard to hear reason over the honeyed voice of well-funded advisers and campaign contributors.  Money has a very loud voice.


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