Kicking Puppies, etc.

Posted: February 4, 2011 in Non-AZ

Have  you heard the latest in anti-choice news? GOP House Representatives recently proposed a bill banning tax payer subsidies for abortions that modified what was originally specified in the Hyde Amendment.  The modification was what caused the uproar because instead of allowing an exemption for women who are the victims of rape, the Republicans wanted it to say “forcible rape”.

Now I  don’t know how much the average American knows about the definition of rape, but force is always implied.  So the addition of the term ‘forcible’ implied so many obvious, horrid things that I won’t waste time listing them here.  There is a ton of excellent commentary on the issue, my favorite being from The Daily Show last night.

The GOP is on so much of a tear lately, I fully expect them to propose a bill to kick puppies–oh wait, the Missouri Legislature is trying override the referendum that passed in November to ban puppy mills. Okay, that snark opportunity is gone.  Let’s try this….I fully expect to hear that they’re proposing to throw the poor and dying out into the street…..oh wait, they’ve already proposed it and partally implemented that here in Arizona .  Ummmm….how about…..I expect they’ll propose to bomb a country without just cause killing thousands of innocents….yeah, they did that in Iraq already and they’ve been begging to do the same to Iran.  Okay, I give up, there isn’t anything evil I can think of that they either already haven’t done or are proposing to do.

Some good follow up news on the anti-choice story though…..after tremendous pushback from so many fronts including the blogosphere, women’s advocacy groups and even comedians they’ve backed down and decided to remove the offensive term.  However, we should ask ourselves, why they brought it up in the first place.  It obviously was high on their agenda as it is only the second item they’ve put forth since taking over the House  (the first being their symbolic vote to repeal the Healthcare  Reform Act or as I like to call it the “Hurry Up and Die, You Don’t Need Healthcare Vote”).

The country is still sufferring from extremely high unemployment and many polls say that is the number one thing that people want to have Congress address.  Instead they tried to repeal HCR and tried to  restrict federal funding for  abortion further.  The GOP is trying to pass it off as an inadvertent mistake ( see article at Politico) and there was no deeper meaning to the language change.  I am not so sanguine.

Don’t believe it people.  They want women to be chattel again, they want to allow people to kick and kill puppies, they want to bomb the crap out of every country filled with Muslims…’s so easy for them, like taking candy from baby.  Hey, that’s something the GOP hasn’t proposed yet….but give them time, they’ll get around to it.


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