SOTU Analysis: Piling on

Posted: January 26, 2011 in MSM, Non-AZ, Tea Party, The Media

Well MSM and the blogosphere is all abuzz with the SOTU and its aftermath.  I have exactly two cents to share with anyone who cares.

The President’s speech was good but not awesome.  The MSM will now push any meme that gets them more views so we can assume it will be something controversial….something to get his opponents good and riled up.  This will occur in spite of the fact that there was a lot that Republicans should have been able to agree with in his speech.

The President didn’t have specifics but neither did the GOP rebuttal, which was a big yawnfest.  It was also full of lies. The two lies that stood out the most were 1) that the stimulus failed and 2) that HCR increased the deficit.  The stimulus did not fail….1.3 million jobs in 2010 alone.  Not to mention the revival of GM and Ford, and many, many more improvements.  In re: to HCR, if the GOP manages to repeal it, the CBO is now saying it would ADD $230 billion to the deficit.

I have to be honest…I didn’t expect specifics for two reasons.  First, the GOP has yet to be specific on any policy.  All they ever say to the President’s proposals is no and they never, ever offer any solutions.  It’s an easy way for them to campaign but it sucks for actual governing a country that desperately needs leadership.  Second, every time the President makes a specific proposal Congress rushes to the issue and destroys any possibility of its success.  Perfect example of this was the President’s goal of closing Guantanamo.  Congress promptly ensured there was no funding for closing the facility.  Then they campaigned in communities around the U.S. that could have been potential sites for receiving Guantanamo inmates, ensuring that popular opinion and political will was not there to deal with the inmates.  These two strategies ensured that there weren’t any options for the President.  If the President had not tipped his hand before laying the groundwork in those communities first, he may have been more successful in closing Guantanamo down.

Finally, Michelle Bachmann was ridiculous. She repeated Ryan’s lies about HCR and the stimulus.  None of her historical references were correct in any regard (WTF!!!! e.g., Founding Fathers ended slavery, battle of Iwo Jima was a Japanese incursion, etc.)  Her rebuttal was carried by CNN but no other cable networks.  Some complained that this gave her more legitimacy than she deserved and that is probably true.  However, I believe it only makes CNN look unprofessional, kind of like rubberneckers, ITYNWIMAITYD.

I would have preferred to see a John Q. Citizen represent the Tea Party if I had to watch anyone at all.  CNN was actually calling her an activist.  Uh, no, she’s a professional politician.  If they wanted an activist, there were plenty to choose from.  Ultimately I think it was wrong for them to have allowed her to give a rebuttal speech in any official capacity whatsoever.  The Tea Party is not a political party in and of itself but a caucus, a faction, within the GOP, and as such should not have been given more time.  In essence, the GOP was given two rebuttal opportunities.  I call foul on that.


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