AZ Asshole: State Sen. Linda Gray

Posted: January 24, 2011 in AZ Assholes, Delusional in AZ

AZ State Senator Linda Gray is obviously anti-choice.  She evidently dislikes Roe V. Wade so much that she blamed it for the shooting in Tucson.  Yes, you read that right.  Sen. Gray did an interview on George Washington University radio this past Sunday and said that she believes that a disrespect for life caused the shooting.  Instead of advocating to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill, she thinks that we should educate them to believe every life is sacred.

Not only has she entirely misunderstood what happened in Tucson, she is looking at the situation through such a narrow lens that she has become blind to all else.  Our representatives in government need to be able to see multiple sides of issues, the take in the whole picture, and have a broader understanding of our diverse world in order to adequately represent us.  Sen. Gray by narrowing her focus through such a tiny, single issue lens isn’t doing her constituents and the citizens who were hurt in Tucson any good whatsoever.

  1. Garry in Mesa says:

    Wow talk about out of context…
    The discussion was about the shooter’s total lack of RESPECT for LIFE, attibuted to society’s lack of respect. ie Drive by shootings, Hate crimes, Child abuse, animal abuse and on and on. And when did all this start? I didn’t see any of this while I was growing up. The Senator surmised it all started when it became alright to kill a baby. When we lessen our values all is lessen.

    • drangedinaz says:

      Garry, while I can appreciate your point of view, I have to respectfully disagree for three reasons. First, Roe v. Wade was a decision to allow some, but not all abortions. It doesn’t say fetuses have no value and can be aborted whenever and however the woman wants. It’s a compromise. The Senator’s stance, and yours presumed from you reply, is that our values are lessened by that court decision. My stance is that the case, as is true with most SCOTUS decisions, was balancing different equally important values about life.

      SCOTUS had to consider the right of the infant to life and the right of the mother to privacy and control over her own welfare. Your view, and the state senator’s, is that the right of the fetus, a potential life, trumps that of the already living woman. Obviously I disagree. Regardless, the point is that both parties respect life….the anti-choice side has simplified the debate too much to make pro-choice advocates look evil and we’re not. We respect life just as much as you do and if ignorant people mistake the case’s decision to mean life isn’t valuable, it isn’t the fault of the pro-choice crowd.

      A second more important point is that the shooter, Loughner, is most likely a paranoid schizophrenic (no I’m not a doctor but I have had a lot of experience with this particular illness through my profession). Although we all are awaiting a thorough examination of his mental status, it’s pretty safe to say that he is definitely mentally ill–his thought patterns were delusional (note I’m not debating whether he meets the legal definition for a finding of guilty–that’s different). Equating his “values” with millions of law abiding sane citizens is offensive and flat out untrue.

      Third and final reason–nowhere, that I am aware of, does Loughner refer to abortion as a cause of his anger. From what has been released about his reading and what his acquaintances say about his philosophy, he ascribed to some sort of nihilism. Nihilism, its true, doesn’t value the lives of individuals and seeks to create chaos and anarchy. Nihilism has been around forever, in many different cultures, even in those cultures that agree with the Senator, that the life of a fetus is more important than the life of the mother. This fact alone disproves the Senator’s claim that a disrespect for life in the U.S. is to blame for the shooting.

      Also, as an aside, you didn’t see all these types of crimes when you were growing up for a lot of reasons, none of which mean they weren’t occurring. You just weren’t hearing about them. The crime rate in the U.S. has been going down for the past 20 years. I’m more than happy to have that discussion with you as well, as that is my area of expertise but didn’t want to make this reply too long.

  2. Garry in Mesa says:

    Ms. D
    Much of what you say many right to life people agree with. However, you are still missing the point. Let’s take the headline of this article “AZ Asshole: State Sen. Linda Gray” Where is the respect? when did it become okay to use words like that when discribing someone in print?I am not very good at speaking but, what I’m trying to say is, it’s start with this dis-respect and then moves on to something more egregious it’s cumulative. I’m just a simple guy, I didn’t go to a big time university or have a great job that makes me a lot of money. I just know what I see. And, It’s not pretty. I grew up during the trubulent 60’s. I have seen a lot of violence. The reference to scotus ruling on Roe v Wade is simply a reference in time. Did Roe v Wade by it’s self cause him to commit this crime? No. I hear a lot of talk aboutmore civility in discussions from liberals and conservative. This headline is not going in that direction..

    • drangedinaz says:

      Garry, I completely agree that the title of this article isn’t civil and it’s not meant to be. I came up with it before the Tucson shooting and in the aftermath pondered whether I had an obligation to tone it down. I decided I did not, mainly because I’m a nobody. What I say reaches very few people and I cannot be held to any journalistic standard because I don’t claim to be a journalist. I have commented previously about the ongoing conversation in the media about civility….and I fall squarely on the side that the incivility is not equivalent. The ugliness of the right, in terms of ugliness, volume and audience far exceeds what is coming from the left. Compared to that my tiny little voice is insignificant. In re: my lack of respect for Sen. Gray, I feel I’m giving her as good as she gave. Her statements are basically accusing pro-choice people who support Roe v. Wade of creating the environment that created Loughner is not only ugly, its very irresponsible for someone in such a public position. Her voice gets paid attention to and she should know better. If I ever get in a position such as hers, I would feel differently about my own obligation to be civil as well.

  3. Garry in Mesa says:

    “I completely agree that the title of this article isn’t civil and it’s not meant to be”
    My point exactly! Why do we have to do it? My mother always said that ” Profanity only illustrates ignorance” You mentioned “The Right” exsclusively. Your right, there are some immature people in their ranks as well.
    But the left isn’t pure as the driven snow either. I saw a picture of someone hanging Sara Palin in effigy during Holloween. How about the names Bill Mohr called President Bush? I once logged on to a liberial chat room. Dick Chaney had just suffered a heartattack. The discussion literaly discussed me. I can’t even repeat some of the things I read. I can match every event that you can come up with. But, that’s just tit fo tat. What’s the point. Someone has to start somewhere. I challange you to write articles without name calling. And, how about
    challenging your colleagues. I don’t care what side one is on, sometimes sticks and stones break bones and so do names… Hate has to start somewhere. What if the next social deviant, see’s this and decides that asshole has to go? No one knows want will start Tucson’s of the future. We can stop it now, if we try. I guess I’m just naive…

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