Ayn Rand Never Lived in AZ

Posted: January 20, 2011 in Andrew Thomas, AZ, Criminal in AZ, Illegal Immigration, Lord of the Flies, Maricopa County, Sheriff Joe Arpaio

An independent prosecutor, Daisy Flores, has found that there was insufficient evidence to go forward in a case against Mary Rose Wilcox, a former Maricopa County Supervisor, previously filed by the County Attorney Andrew Thomas.  Thomas’ case originally charged her with 40 criminal counts.  Her attorney Colin Campbell was on “Here & Now” with reporter/host Steve Goldstein at KJZZ Phoenix 91.5.

If you’re not a resident of AZ or if you just haven’t been paying attention, this is the latest update in the ongoing multiyear battle between various factions within the Maricopa County political power structure.  On one side there was the infamous Sheriff Joe Arpaio and County Attorney Andrew Thomas (who recently lost re-election).  On the other side was anyone who opposed their will, most notably the Board of County Supervisors.  Mary Rose Wilcox was one of the unfortunate Board members who tried to rein in Sheriff Joe and was subsequently targeted by Thomas.  Mrs. Wilcox was only one of many people swept up in this maelstrom but she was one of the most visible. I can’t go into the gory details here as I’d need a book to describe just how sordid the entire saga is.  However there are some important things for you to know.

Mrs. Wilcox was shot back in 1997 by a gunman who was angry over her support for building a new major league baseball park in Phoenix (which ended up being built, eventually become Bank One Ballpark, home of the Diamondbacks).  So she’s been on the political scene for quite some time and she is no shrinking violet.  Lately, she has been the target of local right-wing radio because of her opposition to SB1070.  As a vocal opponent of Sheriff Joe for many years, she and other County Supervisors have been trying to curb some of Arpaio’s more egregious behaviors as is the County’s responsibility.  Arpaio has been firing right back at her in a multitude of ways.  Recently Arpaio was convinced that she was behind the restriction of funds that he wanted (or perhaps needed) to continue sweeping up illegal immigrants.  However, he took it beyond just verbal barbs and accusations by getting Thomas to use his prosecutorial power like a bludgeon.  Hence the criminal case referred to above.

I’m not claiming that Mrs. Wilcox is an angel.  No one in AZ gets to any position of power with the pristine robes of a saint.  However, the malicious prosecution for political gain and personal revenge, is far beyond the pale.  And for this reason (and many other as well), Andrew Thomas is under review the State Bar with disbarment as a possible outcome.

Our Galtian Overlords (h/t to John Cole at balloon-juice.com) would have us believe that we’re better off in the “hands” of the responsible, capable, powerful, successful leaders like Sheriff Joe and Andrew Thomas.  In my view, they serve as both proof positive that Ayn Rand never lived in Arizona and a warning of what will come to pass everywhere if Republicans have their way.

UPDATE/CORRECTION:  Andrew Thomas did not lose a re-election to the Office of County Attorney, but he did resign the office in order to run for a higher office and lost that election.  h/t http://cpmazrandommusings.blogspot.com/


  1. Craig says:

    Just a clarification: Andrew Thomas didn’t lose a reelection campaign, he resigned his office in order to run for a higher office (AZ Attorney General) and lost in the Republican primary there.

    Of course, either way, he’s still on track for disbarrment (fingers crossed).

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