Shooter’s Epic Fail

Posted: January 18, 2011 in AZ, Non-AZ, Rep. Gabriel Giffords, Smart in AZ

I wonder if Loughner understands just how badly he failed.  And he failed in a multitude of ways.

If his goal was to assassinate Gabrielle Giffords, he obviously failed.  She is alive.  Not only is she alive alive but she is thriving in ways that no on expected.  Today her husband announced to the press that she gave him a 20 minute neck massage.  We receive only messages of hope from her daily progress.

If Loughner’s goal was to cause other Dems to fear for their safety and to cower or quit, he failed.  Not a single Dem has resigned or withdrawn from public life as a result of this shooting.  Ironically a few Republicans have resigned here in AZ out of fear of local Tea Party activists.

If his goal was to cause further rancor, he failed.  The level of violence and hate in national political rhetoric has lessened, at least for a little while.  Some examples include the bipartisan presence at the Tucson memorial, Olbermann’s special comment last night, and Sen. McCain’s conciliatory op-ed in this past Sunday’s Washington Post.   Even the left’s blogosphere hasn’t upped the vitriol (finger pointing aside, we haven’t been “targeting” anyone).  Furthermore, the shooter exposed the hopelessness that violence offers emphasizing that those spewing hate as a form of entertainment offer us no real solutions in the long run.

If the shooter’s goal was to increase chaos, he failed.  The shooter certainly didn’t bring down any government institutions.  He didn’t cause disorder in the ranks of the political parties.  He didn’t cause citizens to turn against each other.

He’s failed in every possible way.  I hope that he has learned or will learn from this, but more importantly I hope that all Americans learn what a failure violent, angry solutions are in a civilized society.


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