Just another day, ctd

Posted: January 17, 2011 in Gov. Jan Brewer, Healthcare, The Economy

More dirty diapers and a day off from work.  Elsewhere life continues.

  • The MLK Day parade in Phoenix was attended by hundreds of spectators but in a city (and surrounding areas) of 4 million people, you would have thought there would be more.
  • The City of Phoenix reports that revenues are back on target, and the deficit that had bloomed to as much as $277 million has shrunk to about $80 million.
  • PLEA (The Phoenix Law Enforcement Association) has lost 260 members in recent months–about 10% of their total membership.  Many are claiming to have quit the union because they did not like the union’s support of SB1070.  I think it’s awesome that individuals officers are standing up against that horrible law.
  • Here’s a cake topper….Gov. Jan Brewer has proposed that the state cut $35.9 million from mental health services.



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