AZ Asshole: McCain, again

Posted: January 15, 2011 in AZ Assholes, Border Security, Looting in AZ, Sen. John McCain

Back in 2006, President Bush had pushed very hard for a “virtual fence” to increase border security.  Although Republicans in Congress wanted a physical wall, they agreed to a virtual wall since a physical wall really wasn’t practical.  Sen. McCain backed the Secure Border Initiative as it was called at the time.  The virtual fence was called SBInet and the was awarded to Boeing and work started on it even though the rest of his proposals for Immigration Reform died in the Senate.  Somehow this particular boondoggle went forward.  They tried a 28 mile-wide pilot test site south of Tucson which was a miserable failure, causing a temporary delay. However, by 2008 it continued to move forward in spite of poor performance. 

The thing is, at 2008 when the pilot was failing, Senators McCain and Kyl didn’t appear to stand up and say, “okay, this isn’t going to work, let’s scrap it and find some other solution”.  They were mum on it.  And they can’t argue that they didn’t have the power, because they did.  In 2008, the Republicans had the White House.  The majority of the time that Pres. Bush was in office, the Republicans controlled both the House and the Senate and even when the Democrats controled a body of Congress, they basically layed down for whatever Bush wanted.  No one can make a convincing argument that if McCain and Kyl had taken a stand against the failing project in 2007/2008 they would have had considerable influence.  But recall, McCain was running for President.  He couldn’t be seen as being weak on Border Security.  So he said nothing and let the horrible plan continue.

It’s not until 2010, after the Republicans retake the House and Pres. obama is in the White House that they get really vocal about how the SBInet isn’t working and should have been taken down long ago.  They’re certainly right, it should never have gotten beyond the pilot test that happened in 2007-8.  But it’s awfully curious that they said little or nothing publically until $1 billion had been spent and when they could make it seem like it was Pres. Obama’s fault. 

McCain in his usual fashion (i.e., of being a jerk about it) says in a recent statement that he was pleased that Secretary Napolitano “finally” let the contract expire.  And then he calls for an investigaqton into the waste and abuse to find out whose fault it is.  My guess is he already has in mind the people who he’d like to be found responsible and I’m willing to bet they all have D’s after their name.  Never mind that he’s as responsible as anyone.  Where were you in 2007 and 2008 when the pilot test failed Senator McCain?


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