My Thoughts on the Day

Posted: January 14, 2011 in AZ, Non-AZ, Thoughts on the Day
  • Early release from work today and a 3-day weekend….yahoooooooo!
  • In re: to the legal definition…..the McNaughton Rule is generally used in law, the person must know the difference between right and wrong, must understand the consequences of his actions and still he follow through on it.  And as Elvis points out, he planned it and was calm about it.  That “organization” points to someone who knows what he is doing.  That still doesn’t mean the guy isn’t mentally ill it just means he not SO ill he doesn’t understand the quality of his actions.  That’s the key to it all.
  • The country won’t fall apart if Palin is assassinated because our country is designed not to.  That and the fact that she has no real power, except with those feeble-minded followers who think her every bit of verbal vomit is priceless.
  • Federal Judge Roll’s funeral was today and security was obviously beefed up.  I’m so glad the Westboro Church (evil minions that they are) weren’t there to protest.  My prayers go out to the Roll’s family and all those who lost their lives in the Tucson shooting.
  • Here’s a great example of a bad consequence of listening and following the legal arguments of many conservatives.  Some asshat Senator, Mike Lee (R-UT) posted a lecture on Constitutional Law on YouTube where he said that child labor laws were found unconstitutional by SCOTUS.  But he’s only telling half the story.  What he also fails to mention is that SCOTUS later ruled in favor of Congress’ law against Child Labor AND child labor laws ONLY went away, over time, due to the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938.  This same argument would apply to the federal minimum wage, the ban on racial segregation, the establishment of Social Security and Medicare, etc.
  • Sullivan is concerned about threats and death wishes being made against Palin.  Although I agree they’re despicable, isn’t Sullivan making it worse by posting their tweets for all of us to see?  I would never have seen them otherwise.  Moreover, I don’t think they’re serious.  1) The people making public death wishes are just your average person and they aren’t leaders in the Democratic party.  2) They’re not threats, just ugly wishes.  3) Someone would have to be stupid or nuts to threaten someone on Twitter and then follow through on it. 4) She’s wealthy enough that she can afford the best security money can buy.  It’s too bad that the victims in Tucson didn’t sell out or have the opportunity to protect themselves with money.
  • In re: to the bullshit criticism of the tone at the Tucson Memorial service, Jon Stewart, on The Daily Show last night, had it right.  These people have never been to an Irish Wake evidently and “Amen ain’t that far from wooohoo!”
  • Very interesting, a survivor of the shooting in Tucson makes a statement and calls out Palin, Beck and Angle

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