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Posted: January 12, 2011 in AZ, Non-AZ, Thoughts on the Day
  • John Stewart talking with Larry Wilmore on The Daily Show last night re: the suggested change to Tom Sawyer’s use of the term N*gger and discussing the failure of Congress to read the Constitution as it was written to include the 3/5 person clause.  Larry dropped a lot of gems but I liked this one the best:
    • It’s okay to be seen without your makeup on, America.  People will still want to fuck you, you’re rich!

I loved this Daily Show segment because Larry makes an important distinction between changing the way we use a word in speech and its use in literature…..we shouldn’t change the way the word is used in the book because Twain’s whole point is that Jim can’t run away from the labels that society has applied to him, whereas Huck can.

  • Nate Silver wrote, “If it turns out, for instance, that Democratic members of Congress are much more likely to receive such threats than Republican ones, that might tell us something meaningful.” Isn’t it already demonstrably proven that Dems receive more threats than Reps do?  In looking for a link on some stats to back up this claim, I instead found this. A new CBS poll that indicates 28% of the Republicans hold the view that violence against the government can be justified compared to only 11% of Democrats.  Telling, no? But if that doesn’t satisfy you, how about the fact that the same percentage of Pakistani’s feel that suicide bombing is acceptable. Now that is a hell of stat.
  • Palin came out with a video today (on her Facebook page) in re: to the shooting this weekend.  And once again, as only a true narcissist would, she’s making it all about her. Then to add insult to injury, she uses the term “blood libel”, an old ugly slur against Jewish people.  That’s the cherry on top of the whole debacle sundae because Gabrielle Giffords is Jewish.  Doesn’t she have an educated Marketing person helping her?  Anyone of any insight and intelligence whatsoever?
  • District 20 GOP members are resigning from their positions because he is afraid of violence against himself and/or his family.  Hmmmm, wonder why he feels this way in Arizona?  It certainly isn’t threats from Dems.  It is actually due to threats from Tea Party members.
  • Gov. Brewer canceled a Breakfast Meeting appearance in the East Valley supposedly out of respect for the victims this weekend. I suspect it is because she is afraid of appearing in public.
  • Loughner’s dad saw his son leave with the gun and chased him without catching him, but then failed to call the police.
  • Here’s a link to a heart-wrenching essay about the job of parenting and how we just never know if our efforts as parents will result in a good person or not
  • SC must be jealous of AZ because they are upping the ante on crazy.  They want to put in law “armed insurrection” is necessary.  Note on the linked page, the language being added under the proposed amendments to S.424
  • Another list of the rising tide of political and verbal violence (from Media Matters)
  • Rep. Gohmert (R-Tx) claims the FBI is not sharing the political affiliation of the shooter, Loughner, because it might be embarrassing to Pres. Obama’s administration and liberals. Here’s the reality, the FBI never shares evidence regarding a murder suspects state of mind because its EVIDENCE you asshat.     It would be abrogation of duty to release such information to the public during an investigation.
  • I spent a lot of time enjoying Twitter today and here’s my list of contributions to the list of #bloodlibel and #ahistoricalmorans making fun of Palin (Remember folks, keep my quotes in context!)
  1. Knaidels recipe: 1 cup matza meal (can sub Bisquick), 4 tablespoons of Christian child’s blood, 4 eggs slightly beaten….. #bloodlibel
  2. #bloodlibel ought2b unspinnable, but Palin could take guts from a poorly shot caribou & make a shelter out of it-at least in her own head
  3. Since I’m part Irish, German, English and Dutch, I speak for all those people & will support a celebutard too #bloodlibel
  4. Liberals only care about the actual meaning of a word….because otherwise language would be useless, like when Palin speaks #bloodlibel
  5. If Palin wanted fireside chatty feel to her video, she failed. Instead I am reminded she isn’t good enough to wipe FDR’s bum. #bloodlibel
  6. My daughter just bought a house in AZ. Now I know what its like to lose a child. #bloodlibel #ahistoricalmorans
  7. I make less than I need just like the Nike sweatshop workers in China #ahistoricalmorans #bloodlibel
  8. The Iran Contra freedom fighters were just like our Founding Fathers #ahistoricalmorans #bloodlibel
  9. Palin being accused of contributing to vitriol is just like Alexander Hamilton being shot by Aaron Burr #bloodlibel #ahistoricalmorans
  10. Breaking a nail is like being a dying Caribou, shot (poorly) by an Alaskan pseudo-politician celebutard #ahistoricalmorans #bloodlibel
  11. Palin couldn’t be presidential even if McCain took up puppeteering, shoved his hand up her ass & did the speaking for her. #bloodlibel
  12. Moving and downsizing to a smaller home is just like being force re-located to a Cambodian Pol Pot work camp. #ahistoricalmorans
  13. Accusations against Palin are just like when Pharisees accused Jesus in front of Pilate #ahistoricalmorans
  • If you ever have a need to escape from the “vitriol” of MSM, take a look at the website, I Can Has Cheezburger

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