AZ runs red today

Posted: January 8, 2011 in Sad in AZ

Arizona normally runs red during elections because they vote Republican.  Today the state runs red with the blood of innocents.  18 people were shot outside a grocery store during an informal public event for Congressional Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

Rep. Giffords has been considered a Blue Dog, meaning that she was often in the center of political issues, often to the right of where I would like her to be.  However, she was a good person, doing what she felt was right.  She did an excellent job of balancing the extremes in her own district and communicating well with advocates of all stripes.  It’s how she was able to retain her seat in a very conservative state. 

I’ve been practically “yelling” on this blog about the right wings activities in this state and scolding the MSM for not paying enough attention to threats against Democrats in the state.  And now it has come to this.  From reading the perpetrator’s online sites and seeing his videos, it is clear that he is unstable and how far his mental instability goes, will have to be determined by legal psychiatrists.  However, what is more clear is that the young man was influenced by conservative fears of big government, fears of a monetary system not based on gold, and fears that people are being kept illiterate and ignorant on purpose. 

Many are pointing to the fact that he cited The Communist Manifesto among his favorite writings.  What they fail to notice about his list of favorite books is that they range over all different kinds of political philosophies from the far right (e.g., Mein Kampf) and the far left.  If you asked anyone who has studied Political Science, these same books would be on their list of readings.  He was clearly interested in political matters and by his own admission concerned about issues that have been brought to the forefront of American attention by conservative and MSM sources.

All of this aside, what I care about right now is the loss of life.  One was a little girl, only 9 years old who came with a neighbor.  Another, a man who was Giffords’ community outreach coordinator.  A federal judge who just stopped by to see Giffords.  And several more.  What more does the country need to see and hear at this point to understand that there are consequences to the ugly language that has been going on in the political horse races recently.  It needs to stop.  It’s just too bad that it had to come to this.


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