Losing Friends

Posted: January 4, 2011 in Personal

Today my dog, Maggie, passed away.   She was 17 years old.  Large breeds rarely live very long but she was the exception.  Maggie was a mutt but mostly chocolate lab, her coat somewhere between brown and red.  She was an incredible trooper having lived with severe hip dysplasia since she was a puppy.  Unbeknown to me during her early years, I took her hiking high up in the mountains on steep forest trails here in AZ.  She was a great trail dog never needing the leash and rarely leaving my side.  She loved being on the trail and was as eager game to go into streams and ravines as she was to tackle boulders.

I got her in 1994 from a friend my sister in Memphis, TN and drove back to Florida, where I lived at the time.  She was a little ball of red fur with bright green eyes.  She loved me beyond all reason and trusted no one else.  Unfortunately, during my divorce in 2003 I was unable to take her with me to the apartments where I had moved.  She was getting pretty old by that time and had bonded with our second, younger dog Abby.  Instead of putting her through the stress of moving and being alone all day long while I was at work, I asked my soon-to-be ex to keep her.  Marco was a mensch and took care of her until I could find a place where I could have dogs.

I finally got a home in late 2007 but by that time she had aged greatly and didn’t remember me as well.  I asked Marco again if he would keep her permanently and it was a very big favor I requested because her medical bills alone were not cheap.  And again, Marco was terrific and took care of her.  A few months ago, Abby, who was only 9 or 10 years old suddenly passed away from cancer (we didn’t even know she had it).    Then, just a couple of days ago, my daughter indicated that Maggie’s hips had been giving out on a daily basis and I knew it wouldn’t be long.

Marco just called me to say that Maggie had passed away peacefully in her sleep this morning while he was gone taking our daughter to school.  I’ve missed her all these years but felt she was better off being with Marco, Meghan and Abby.  Now I will miss her forever.


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