Brewercare Death Panels, cont.

Posted: January 2, 2011 in Gov. Jan Brewer, Healthcare

Once again Gov. Brewer’s is blocking Arizona’s Medicaid coverage of life-saving transplants.  Both the House and Senate plan to bring up new legislation on the first day of the new session to cover transplants that were covered until Oct. 1st of 2010 when the State ceased paying for the operations as a result of budget cuts. 

The Governor’s basic position is that the transplants are optional and therefore, should not be covered for indigent patients.  Unfortunately for Jan Brewer,  the American Society of Transplant Surgeons disagree with her.  Also the patients receiving Medicaid whose lives are in danger without the0 transplants of a liver, lungs, bone marrow and other necessary organs disagree as well.  One would think the very fact that these patients exist and that they are in the process of dying would be proof enough of the “required” nature of the operations.  However, Gov. Brewer has never been one to rely on reality. 

The bill in the Arizona House is sponsored by a Democratic legislator from Tolleson, Anna Tovar, who received a bone marrow transplant around 10 years ago.  She and surgeons have even proposed a way to cover the costs of the surgeries that are revenue neutral.  Let’s see how Gov. Brewer responds to these proposals in coming months.


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