Death on the Border

Posted: December 17, 2010 in Border Security, Criminal in AZ, Sad in AZ

A Border Patrol Agent was killed on Wednesday. He was 40-year-old Brian Terry. They captured 4 suspects that day but are still looking for at least one more in Santa Cruz County. The FBI is keeping information on the suspects very quiet. They will only reveal that they have 4 in custody, and so far the public knows nothing else. Even for the one they are still searching, they’ve only said he was wearing dark clothes. Not much of a description! I wonder why the FBI is holding that information secret? It’s not typical at all. That is worrisome.

Law enforcement is generally a thankless job in general. However, I honestly think that US Border Agents do not get half the attention, respect and remuneration that they deserve. My heart goes out to the family of Agent Terry.


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