AZ Death Panels, cont.

Posted: December 13, 2010 in AZ Kudos, Healthcare, The Economy

A 12 year-old boy named Oscar has been standing beside the busy intersection of 75th Ave and Camelback Rd to collect donations to help with a liver transplant for someone he doesn’t even know.  As I’ve written on this blog before, and as highlighted by Keith Olbermann on his national TV show, there are several individuals in Arizona that are dying because the state will not pay for the organ transplants that would save their lives. 

Oscar saw their stories on TV and was moved to help one of them, Francisco Felix.  Oscar’s goal is to raise $2500 for Francisco.  Sadly, the surgery costs a total of $200,000 and even if Francisco has the funds, there is no guarantee that they’ll have a liver that would match.  Francisco had a liver, donated specifically for him that did match, until the state said they wouldn’t pay.  The liver went to someone else. 

Oscar said that he was motivated to help Francisco because his own father has cirrhosis of the liver and he hates the thought that his own father might some day be denied an organ transplant.  Although it’s certainly remarkable what Oscar is doing…empathy is such a rare character trait in a seventh-grader….it’s more remarkable still that it is for a stranger. 

Perhaps the right-wing conservatives who have placed us in this horrible budget situation (Gov Brewer, are you listening?), that have caused the system to treat Francisco as just one more liability to be weighed in a budgetary process could learn a thing or two regarding empathy from Oscar.


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