Facts Schmacts!

Posted: December 10, 2010 in Disgusted in AZ, Gov. Jan Brewer, Healthcare, The Economy

News out today indicates that the State of Arizona used outdated and incorrect data to make the budget cuts for Transplant surgeries that took effect in October of this year.  Big surprise!  Gov. Brewer doesn’t care about facts or logic.  She starts with a conservative ideal and she finds the studies and facts that help her meet that ideal. 

Just like she did with her fearmongering over crime and illegal immigration.  She believed we needed to be afraid of brown people from south of the border. So what did she do?  She ran around spouting her mouth off about beheadings in the desert that NEVER occurred.  She achieved what she wanted though, which was to stir up fear and bigotry to propel her into office again. 

So she and the Repubican controlled state legislature decided that their most important ideal was to cut back on Arizona’s deficit and the best way to do that was through cut backs.  Gov. Brewer went out and found information that supported those cuts, namely that transplants were often considered palliative and not life saving.  That reasoning justified the budgetary cuts that were made.  Unfortunately, people have died. Others that have survived did so not because of the state but in spite of it.  A couple were lucky enough to get the attention of national media figures and garner donations to cover the cost of their transplants. 

Finally the American Society of Transplant Surgeons have reviewed the data that Gov. Brewer used in making her budget cut decisions and found it old and flawed.  Not that it will make any difference.  The cuts remain in place and Arizona, in general remains ignorant of what has happened.





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