AZ Asshole: Andrew Thomas

Posted: December 10, 2010 in Andrew Thomas, AZ Assholes, Sheriff Joe Arpaio

The former Maricopa County Attorney, Andrew Thomas, and his two assistant prosecutors are being accused of more than 30 ethical violations by the State Bar Association.  If the charges prove true, the punishment is disbarment.  Thomas was, in large part, responsible for a lengthy and costly court battle with the County Board of Supervisors.  Thomas and Sheriff Joe Arpaio joined together to resist any attempts by the Board to control and oversee Sheriff’s Office activities, costing County tax payers almost $6 million.  This legal action was only the tip of the iceberg. 

Thomas and Arpaio have also been accused of intimidating witnesses, county employees, and members of the press in a variety of witch hunts for the purpose of political gain.  Intimidation tactics including arresting people on false charges, questioning of a person’s family, neighbors and work colleagues by Sheriff deputies and private investigators, knowingly creating false indictments and accusations and much, much more. A formal complaint based on these accusations is being drafted and will be followed by hearings sometime in June 2011.  Perhaps Justice does exist….

On the other hand, since Arizona citizens have willingly elected both Thomas and Arpaio into public office multiple times I don’t hold out much hope that there will be enough actual punishment for either one of them.  Although disbarment is nothing to scoff at and will keep Thomas away from any positions of power in the legal system, which he wielded as a tool of abuse for far too long.


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