McCain ‘Get off my lawn!’

Posted: December 8, 2010 in Illegal Immigration, Sen. John McCain

McCain must be getting dizzy because he’s reversed himself again!  This time on the DREAM Act.  Adam Serwer blogged:

“Keep in mind, the 2003 version of the bill [that McCain supported] repealed the prohibition on unauthorized immigrants paying in-state tuition rates, provided a six-year path to citizenship, and had no cap. The new version leaves the ban intact, provides a 13-year path to citizenship, and is a onetime deal. But the latter is “amnesty” that can’t seem to draw any Republican support!”

To make matters worse, McCain hasn’t just reversed his position on the issue, he’s become a downright jerk about it.  Local supporters of the DREAM Act who had previously received a warm welcome and support on the legislation from McCain are being rudely turned away.  One young lady was actually threatened with having the police called on her.  Is it just me or does it seem that ever since McCain lost the 2008 election he’s become this bitter old man angry at the world, unaware of just how senile he has become?

Congress is re-considering the DREAM Act right now as I type this.  Hopefully they’ll ignore old man McCain, dizzy and delirious yelling at people to ‘get off his lawn’.


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