The Long Game

Posted: December 7, 2010 in Non-AZ, Pres. Barack Obama

I’ve been really pissed about recent decisions made by Pres. Obama.  I’ve been considering whether I should withdraw my support and potentially support someone else in 2012, but after hearing the end of the press conf today, I’m going to continue to support the Pres. Here’s why.

When asked about “lines in the sand” the President responded with passion. If you were watching TV you might have missed it–I listened over the radio–and I could hear his hands pounding the podium. I could focus on the timbre of his voice. He was angry and he was passionate and he meant what he said.

What he said was that he’s playing the long game–11-Dimensional Chess. That he’s offended when people say he hasn’t delivered on his campaign promises and that he’s either delivered them or is still working on them. With the implication that if we expected more from him than his promises, its our bad. He said that expecting an idealistic solution in a f*cked-up world is nuts and make no mistake about it, governing with the R’s today is f*cked-up. He said that the next two years will be a good time for Dems if we can just manage to let the R’s hang themselves. The R’s will fail at governing (as they have so many times before) and he will be there in 2012 to finish what he started. He had enormous conviction in what he said–he really believes in what he is doing. He really believes he is making the best decisions he can to help the average American.

That’s exactly what I needed to be reassured that he hears the complaints from his base.  He’s asking the base to trust him, to trust in the long game. Anyone on the left who said he betrayed ideals before, will probably continue to say it (e.g., firebaggers). Anyone on the left that supported him before, will probably continue to support him (e.g., Obamabots). And those of us in the middle, like myself, will have to judge for themselves. I heard what I needed–sincerity, conviction and passion.


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