The new circus

Posted: September 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

The Circus hasn’t come to town….instead the town has become the Circus.   Arizona has long been the subject of derision by outsiders for its internecine political squabbling, corruption and chicanery.  However, we seemed to have reached a new high (or low depending on your viewpoint). 

Steve May, a Republican political operative, has been accused of recruiting homeless people to run for The Green Party.  Now many of you will say…what’s wrong with that?  There’s nothing illegal about it, right?  Well, I’m not so sure about that.  Regardless of whether it’s actually illegal or not, it doesn’t pass the smell test. 

Mr. May admits that these candidates might siphon off Democratic votes come November.  He then insists, just as the candidates do themselves, that they are running an actual campaign.  Read the NY Times description of the candidates.

In the meantime the AZ Democratic Party has filed a complaint with local, state and federal prosecutors to have these particular candidates removed from ballots.   And the Green Party itself, is advising their supporters to steer clear of them.  The media in the state is showing surprisingly little interest in the story–which should surprise no one.  Actual journalism seems to only take place on rare occasions and usually not by one the three major networks with a local news division, but instead in the pages of a free magazine called Phoenix New Times.  And still the major source for this story and details comes from pages of The New York Times…..ah, Arizona, we can’t even get our own news stories out properly without relying on East Coast elites.  But back to the topic at hand…..

The question for me is, why do AZ Republicans even feel the need to do this?  Is this just a scheme by Steve May to get noticed by bigger Republican Operatives on the national scene such as Rove and his ilk?  And what is this notion of a “political operative”?  I know it’s been around for years but I’m pretty damn sure the Founding Fathers probably didn’t have a thought for “operatives” and the role they would play in our burgeoning democracy.  Who are these political spies and whose side are they really on?  They may think they’re loyal to their party but ultimately they are destroying our country (and I mean from both sides of the aisle–Dem and Repub).

Or is this “homeless” recruitment an effort by AZ Republicans because they feel insecure about their chances in November?  And again, why would they feel insecure? Arizona has reliably voted Republican since its inception and will for quite some time.  No matter how they prove themselves imbeciles (e.g., Brewer), or corrupt (e.g., McCain), or just plain useless (e.g., Kyl), Arizonans will continue to vote for them……at least until the state demographics shift far enough away from the white, uptight and financially comfortable to something more approximating the rest of the world, that is.  Then it won’t matter what kind of circus act the Republicans bring into the ring.


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