Arizona News Quickies

Posted: August 31, 2010 in AZ Quickies
  • According to a report on KJZZ yesterday by Mark Moran, 532 National Guard troops are being deployed to the AZ-Mexico border for added security.  Think this will shut up Senators McCain and Kyl and make them focus on real immigration reform?  Nah, probably not.
  • The UN recently released a report on Human Rights Report that mentioned Arizona’s SB1070 law.  Of course, Gov. Brewer lost her sh*t over it.  And she stupidly claimed that the Obama Administration has no right to challenge a state law.  Evidently she failed Constitutional Law 101 because that is precisely what the Department of Justice is supposed to do.
  • On Sunday a microburst hit Phoenix, delivering sudden strong wind, rain and hail, causing approximately 70 cars to pile up in a 2 mile long accident on I-10.  Fortunately, there was only one reported serious injury although quite a few heart palpitations.
  • Today former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas conceded to Tom Horne in the Republican primary for AZ Attorney General.  You may recall Mr. Horne is the current Superintendent of Public Instruction who sponsored HB 2281, to ban ethnic studies courses from AZ schools.  I’m sure he’ll do another “bang up” job as Attorney General.
  • Ben Quayle, son of “I can’t spell potato” Dan Quayle, is now the leading candidate to replace retiring Rep. John Shadegg in Arizona’s 3rd Congressional District.  I guess voters didn’t care about his previous career as a soft-porn blogger or the fact that he isn’t a true resident of AZ.
  • Recent reports from Colorado City, AZ indicate that abuses of power by the community elders, aka, the polygamy loving, tax dollar scheming, middle aged white men from the FDLS church structure, continues.  Weren’t they the ones that ran the community before when it went to hell and had to be turned over to Federal Receivership?  Yes, and they turned around and let them have control again.  The more things change, the more they stay the same.
  • Quarterback controversies abound in AZ.  The beloved, retired Kurt Warner is supposed to be on the next season of Dancing with the Stars.  And there appears to be a battle for the starting Cardinals QB position between Matt Leinart and Derek Anderson.  Online posting show fans are taking sides and getting really heated about it.  Meanwhile the coach, Ken Wisenhut, is calmly holding his cards very close to the vest.  And probably laughing all the way to the bank from the media attention.

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